Different Shoe Lacing Styles

Different Shoe Lacing Styles

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Shoe Lacing Methods

There are different shoe lacing methods available. Check out the following methods and choose a suitable methods according to your need. 

Criss Cross Lacing
Probably the most common method of lacing normal shoes and boots, the laces simply criss-cross as they work their way up the shoe.

Over Under Lacing
Alternates between outer and inner crossovers, which reduces friction, making it easier to tighten and loosen plus reducing wear and tear.

Gap Lacing
Skip a crossover to create a gap in the middle of the lacing, either to bypass a sensitive area of the foot or to increase ankle flexibility.

Straight Bar Lacing
Horizontal “bars” on the outside with inner, hidden verticals, which looks neat plus relieves pressure on the upper ridge of the foot.

Commando Lacing
Used by various military to lace tall combat boots. One end is anchored at the bottom and the other end is used for tying off at the top.

Shoe Shop Lacing
Previously common in shoe shops because many shoes came pre-laced this way from the factory. One end runs from bottom to top while the other end zig-zags through the remaining eyelets.
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Army Lacing
Used on combat boots by various armies. Inner crossovers and outer verticals allow the sides to flex more easily – perfect for stiff army boots.

Zipper Lacing
At each eyelet, hook under the prior crossover to “lock” the laces, which helps when lacing tightly. Also looks interesting – a bit like a giant zipper.

Hill Valley Lacing
Pairs of rows are looped around each other, the peaked rows forming “hills” and the dipped rows forming “valleys”. The name is also a tribute to the “Back to the Future” movies.

Footbag Lacing
Footbag players use this lacing to open up the front of their shoes, making it easier to catch or otherwise control the footbag

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