LIPE! ☀️🏝

LIPE! ☀️🏝

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Hello lovelies!

So finally we made it to Lipe! It has taken almost 20 days of waiting but we made it! Yay! At one point I thought we would never make it here but thats just me being dramatic. haha. The trip of course started with us going to the airport with all our luggages.. Think T thought we would have to leave some more stuff behind. We only left behind like 20kg worth of shit. Seriously though how does one pack light to live on an island with a baby?? I guess we will be working all this out now that we are here if it is possible. The flight was smooth and I usually don't fancy a small propeller plane but this one was nice and Liam seemed to enjoy it too especially seeing the propeller outside the window. As we got to Langkawi it was raining but it wasn't too bad. Realised also that last time we were here was 2012, just after we left Lipe to move to Sweden.

The boat ride was choppy as hell and funny as they had Alien Covenant playing. Not sure if any of you have watched it but towards the end there was a scene of the escape and their ship was under attack, well it actually felt like we were in the scene. This I do not remember ever having travelling from Langkawi to Lipe. Anyhoo, If any of you are interested in making the journey to Lipe, It is usually easiest and fastest to do so from Malaysia via Langkawi as it is the closest.

You could book a flight Malindo Air from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi they usually have the best deals and they offer free checked in baggage from 15-40kg depending which plane you take. Flying from Subang airport will give you a minimum of 15kg for ekonomi and from KLIA you can get 30kg as they fly the boeing from there. Babies under 2 travel free of course and get 10kg checked in bagage. Handcarry you can take up to 7kg each inclusive of 1 handcarry luggage and handbag or laptop bag. In our case diaper bag.

You can also book in advance your boat ticket from a number of the ferry and speedboat providers in Langkawi, we got ours from the Telaga Harbour Speedboat They are pretty fast and they cost RM128 excluding service charge of RM10 but if you book online you get a little discount and ofcourse returns are generally cheaper too. Babies are free, kids RM108 excluding service charge but it does include the taxi boat from the platform to the beach in Lipe. The boat from Langkawi goes twice a day, once in the morning at 9:30am and the afternoon one goes at 2:30pm Malaysian time. It takes 90 minutes. The boat from Lipe does also 2 trips, one in the morning at 10:30am and one in the afternoon at 4:30pm Thai time. (Malaysia is 1 hour a head of Thailand) 

What you need to have with you: 
- Passport (valid more than 6 months)
- Booking voucher for the boat 

You will receive the departure and arrival card when you get there and of course booking at least 1 or 2 nights first would be advisable if your feel like you may wanna find somewhere else so you don't have to walk around on the first day of arrival but this also depends on how long you are staying for and what time of the season it is. There are probably about 100 different resorts/ hostels/ hotel on the island. During peak season it does book up pretty fast here so it is always best to make sure you have somewhere to stay before arriving. Some resorts have a different price for every special Thai holiday, sometimes you can get a better deal when you walk in but again it all depends on when you come, where you go, how much you want to spend and which side you would like to be, either Pataya beach (this is where you arrive), Sunrise beach (other side of Pataya, takes about 10 minutes to walk there on Walking Street) and Sunset beach (more secluded but a little far away from the Walking Street) the prices can all vary. There are lots of newly built resorts on and off the beach and lots of nice trendy new hostels on the Walking Street too. You can pay from 650THB per night for a single bed in a dorm at a very nice hostel on the Walking Street or up to 8000THB or more for a luxury beach bungalow. Not all resort include the breakfast, AC or hotwater package so if you are the kind to who needs all that make sure to check if they are included. I find that having hot water is not a neccesity since it so warm that you would want to cool off with a nice cold shower when you get back to rest. (Although we had to get a water boiler cause Liam hates the cold water plus we needed to have one to sterilise all his pacifiers and bottles daily)

Food is literally everywhere and most of them are pretty cheap and really good. You can find the delicious Thai cruisines, BBQ, we like the Family BBQ on Pataya beach, they have been here for a long time and they make the food local style and its just nice to eat on the beach. There are some amazing Italian food as well, Pataya Song at the end of Pataya beach and La luna just down a small street across the 7eleven on Walking Street are favourites. They may cost a little more but it is defininately worth it. Banana Tree has gone some amazing Thai food and if you like a spicy papaya salad you must go there. (Ask for 3 chillies if you can handle it). These are ofcourse some of our favourite places to eat. There are yummy ice creams around. From gelatos to fried ice cream and a favourite of mine is the coconut ice cream. (Its served in a coconut with sliced of coconut underneath the scoops. Just devine) You can find that just over the top of the hill of on the Walking Street as the hill goes down again to your left. And dont forget the banana nutella pancake... yumm! Ok thats it i'm literally hungry now and getting way of base here. I'll update more on eats later but for now you get the picture. There are plenty more places to go for awesome food but I may just have to write another post for all the best places to eat. (Or you could just come and discover some of your favourite or ask and we will just have to find a place and write about it)

For now you have the basics on what Lipe is about but ofcourse this is from our own perspective. There is much more to discover on this little island (about 2.5km x 3.5km in size). There's also pretty much everything you need here if you ever worry about what you may need but of course you have think about island prices. Everyting cost a little more when you are on a little island. There are ATM's and money changers too. Lots have changed since we were last here but then again it still feels rather familiar. ☀️🏝

Till next post... Have a sunny day! ☀️Xx

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