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Hello lovelies!

So today I’m gonna write abit about sleep. Funny the saying ’sleep like a baby’ seems to mean sleeping so soundly through the night although I bet there are 90% of infant parents would disagree that even makes sense. Every parent I know seems to talk about the sleeplessness of our first months, year or even years. Yes! YEARS! We have had our share of sleepless night this past year and I must say for the first few months I seemed to be coping well with the interrupted sleep but then I guess I was just running on adrenalin or just autopilot. I started to notice towards the 6 months mark that I was not functioning like a normal person would. My bestfriend called it ‘mummy brain’ and listening to her list out the symptoms I started to actually notice a pattern. This thing was real and it was no joke an exhausting thing to manage. You could look like a normal person but on the inside nothing is functioning like it should be. And dont get me started on the emotional ups and downs. I am an emotional person to begin with but this hormonal emotional roller coster was something out of this world. I could cry at a drop of a hat and the only thing that could help me was someone to listen to me and tell me that Im not going mad and a give just give me good hug. I also would feel really hurt if someone would say the slightest hurtful thing. I would cry in the car or in the bathroom when i feel like noone is watching. I guess the only people to understand is people who have been there or simply want to understand. I thoughly despise those who seem to think that one good sleep would make it better or that sleeping when the baby sleeps is the key. Yes i do sometimes nap while the baby sleeps but thats if im exhausted and can't even make sense anymore but when you have a billion chores to do how do you switch off? And usually when I’ve managed to put the little man down for a nap I am too exhausted to walk around the house let alone do chores. I would usually put on my favourite show (ER was a favourite) and zone out for abit and by the time the show ends, he would be awake. 

Liam from the beginning never really liked to sleep. Noone can explain why but it seems normal for some babies to not like sleep. I shouldn’t really complain too much as I know of many who have it worst than me and to those mummas out there battling the no sleeping babies, HANG IN THERE! YOU ARE AMAZING! It was a regular conversation piece this thing about Liam not sleeping through the night. He did however for the first time in his little life slept through the night on his first sleepover at the grandparents when he was 8 months old. They even checked if he was actually ok sometime during the night. It surely made me feel like an idiot for stressing out about a whole month before the sleepover and ofcourse the fact that they probably thought I have been overeacting this whole time. 🙄 It was ofcourse beginners luck cause the next time he did spend the night he kept them up. Someone also mentioned that babies smell their mums and wanting to be close is what gets them up. That made me feel better cause then I know that that it was a compliment to have him wake up a billion times a night. Haha. 

It has now been a almost a month on the island and less than a week to go till he turns 1 and he has been sleeping better and longer despite the teething situation we’ve been having for over 2 weeks and I must admit I am feeling calmer and the emotions are stabilizing itself. There are moments where I wonder if renting out our house to move across the world to live on an island, in a room smaller than our bedroom was a good idea, then I look at my sleeping baby and think to myself has he ever slept this soundly before? On top of that his skin is alot better and I’m sure that his immune system is becoming stronger as the days go by. Thats when I feel that this was one of the best decisions we’ve made so far.

A sleeping baby makes a happy mumma! 

Till next time... Have a sunny day! ☀️

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Liamthestig travel blog images

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travel blog

Liamthestig January 3rd, 2018

Yes they are! 😴👌🏾😅
travel blog

Kaitlynestelle January 2nd, 2018

sleeping babies are the best <3

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