Seasons Greetings from Paradise!

Seasons Greetings from Paradise!

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Seasons greetings everyone!

I hope that everyone has had a lovely time celebrating with family and friends or just being at some amazing place. Last night we were at a Christmas party at the dive shop with our diving family. It so lovely to sit to have yummy food and enjoy the company of our favourite people. As a tradition we had secret santa and it was really nice to get presents too. Liam even got an extra present from one of his most favorite people Sean, a floaty that looks a lot like a nudi (a nudibranch is a typ of tiny sea slugs) which I think is appropriate since I love finding them and photographing them when I have my camera for a dive. Which reminds me that I gotta get that sorted. Anyways he was very excited to get that and basically plonked himself right in it. He also got some lovely gifts from back home as T's brother Ted is here for a visit and came bearing little gifts from the grandparents. 

It seems that more and more families are opting for the Christmas away from home thing as we see more people on the island this time of year.  For the those working here it doesn't feel like a holiday as its more work and by the time you finish your shift you're just too tired to do anything. It is a strange concept of being here during this time of year as you are not surrounded by the overdecoration that began in November and the constant people running around trying to do their present shopping with the Christmas music playing repeatedly in the background. Besides that I do have to admit I kinda miss it cause Christmas in Sweden is the most beautiful time of year especially in winter when it's snowing and the pretty lights in every house makes you feel warm inside. Over here there are some decorations up although it started just about a week ago I completely forgot that I had some Christmas shopping to do too! The worse part was that I didn't even think about how hard it was to find wrapping paper cause there are none. I basically had to run in every shop to find some sort of paper to wrap in or paper bag to put the presents in. One shop told me that she had order heaps one season but the box with all the wrapping paper fell overboard due to the high waves this time of year and she lost about 4000THB of paper in the sea. She never ordered them again. Imagine finding that box while diving. Haha. Finally my local friend told me they should have one at one of the small shops and they actually did, in a box located in pretty much in their house in the back of the shop. It was strange picking out wrapping paper in someone's house. They were not very festive I have to say but it works. Then on Christmas Eve as I was rushing to get one last present in the shop across where we live they had pretty festive bags to put the presents in, she even asked if it was a gift. Unfortunately you would have to by everything their shop as they don't sell the bags. 😑 Shopping on the island turned out to be a bit of a challenge as it was hot and carrying a baby around didn't make the task easier. Although the people here absolutely love babies so most of the time they would just take your baby from you so that you could browse in peace for a good 10 minutes. Something we don't get back home. Hah!

Being away during this festive season has its ups and downs. You feel the loneliness I guess when you see all the post people back home put up of the family dinner and all the many presents under the tree but I have to admit that I do love it too cause it doesn't give me the expectation to get something that I couldnt really decide on in the first place as there's always too many things you would wish for on your Christmas list or something you think you needed just cause someone you know is getting it and I'm hoping to be able to teach this to Liam cause all the toys in the world will not give you happiness and it sure as hell will take the stress off us parents to get everything you think your kid needs. I'm so happy with the presents I got this year and the best part is I didn't even expect it or better yet think about it cause I almost forgot which day Christmas Eve was. 

I do hope everyone has had a lovely celebration. How did you celebrate and where? Not long till we say goodbye to 2017 but first we will celebrate Liam as he turns 1 on Thursday! Yay!

Till next post.. Have a sunny day and seasons greetings to all.

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