All the tips you’ll need for traveling with a baby

All the tips you’ll need for traveling with a baby

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Traveling with a baby? No, thank you! You’ll probably say this because you know what taking care of a baby implies without even stepping foot out of the house. Then imagine the craziness of traveling somewhere with a baby!

But, traveling with a baby doesn’t have to be complicated if you know these tips. That’s why we decided to help you out and gather a complete list of all the tips you’ll need to know when traveling with a baby.

1.      Consider baby’s age
Traveling with a baby is fine, as long as you consider your baby’s age. It’s recommended that babies under three months shouldn’t travel because they are at risk of different infections. So to minimize the risk, don’t take your baby on any trips or journeys until they are at least three months old.

Also, before traveling consult with the baby’s doctor to see if everything is in order and if the baby can travel. If the baby is ill or recovering from illness, the doctor will advise you against traveling until the baby’s completely recuperated.

In case you’re traveling by plane, you should know that infants shouldn’t travel to places more than 8,000 ft (2,438 m) above sea level as the air is thinner at this altitude and it may cause respiration problems for a baby.

2.      Bring all the essentials
When traveling with a baby, you must have all the essential baby items close to you. Those essentials include diapers (calculate approximately how many you’ll need), ziplock bags or plastic bags for soiled diapers or clothes, a towel or a cloth to burp the baby or to wipe them, a nursing cover in case you breastfeed, prepared formula, and homemade purees if the baby is under six months.

In addition to all the above, you’ll also need soothing items such as pacifiers, teething toys, teething gel, and so on. A first aid kit with specific baby medicine is essential.

Of course, baby wipes and diaper cream, rash cream, a small blanket, and a baby’s passport.

3.      Comfortable clothes
Just like adults, the baby should have comfortable traveling clothes as well. When traveling with a baby, having a change of clothes is crucial. Since you’ll be changing your baby’s diapers, you know that accidents might happen, and having a couple of sets of changes of clothes can be handy.

Of course, when packing your baby for a trip, you should pack only the comfy and stretchy clothes. The amazing 3 Little Crowns has all the clothes you may need to make your baby’s traveling as comfortable as possible.

The amount and the kind of clothes you pack will largely depend on your destination. If you’re traveling somewhere hot, you’ll pack accordingly, just as you would when traveling somewhere colder.

4.      Baby traveling accessories
In addition to all the baby essentials, you may also want to take a couple of baby accessories with you. These are optional and depend on your travel mode.

So, you may need a foldable stroller, a baby carrier or a sling, a pop-up travel cot, to name a few. When traveling by car, the baby seat is a must, as you already know.

In case you’re traveling by plane, you should inform yourself about what kind of car seats the airline you’re traveling with approves. Different airlines approve different types of car seats, so knowing which one you need will make you’re traveling easier and safer.

5.      Choose the best weather for traveling
Planning a trip when the weather is mild and pleasant will make traveling with a baby easier. The weather conditions are especially important if you’re traveling by car.

As you know driving on slippery and wet roads is not the safest, and even more so when you’re driving a baby. So, try to avoid traveling in the rain or snowy conditions.

Also, traveling during the summer months when the weather is hot and humid, can be unpleasant and uncomfortable even with the AC on. And if you have no other choice but to travel in these conditions make sure you have plenty of fluids ready for both the baby and you.

Taking a lot of breaks during trips like this is also recommended. You will need some much-needed rest, time to refresh and stretch your legs. The baby will also need frequent diaper changes! So, don’t skip any breaks!

6.      Traveling documents
Just like you, your baby will need a passport to travel to other countries. That’s why you should take time to organize your baby’s passport and other paperwork prior to traveling. If you’re traveling to other countries, you may also need a visa – so make sure you have that ready, too.

Health insurance should also be sorted out before the trip. Also, try to find out about required travel vaccinations as well.

In case you are traveling alone with the baby, you must have a consent form signed by the other parent ready. You can find out more about what documents you need from your local authorities.

Traveling with a baby can seem daunting and complicated. However, it’s all about experience and knowing some useful traveling tips. Why miss out on all the traveling, when you can travel with your baby as well?

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