Create a Mint-like Financial Management App

Create a Mint-like Financial Management App

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In 2020 the Pandemic Year - a year in which almost everyone faced a financial crisis for obvious reasons, and we all began looking for ways to reduce our expenses and optimize budget planning. As a result, the demand for personal finance mobile applications has increased several times. And their popularity is still growing even though a couple of years have passed since those sad days.

You see, a money management app is a real opportunity to keep your finances under control. It is not surprising that the audience of loyal users is so large we can hardly count it.

Interested? Okay, then let's learn about the pros and cons of personal finance planning apps by taking a closer look at them. What do applications like Mint, one of the top examples of this type, offer? Why are they in great demand?

And, finally, how to build a money management app like Mint? We’ll provide you with detailed answers to these (and many others) questions so that you know where to start.

Essential Features to have in a Budgeting App such as Mint

Let’s first focus on the functions your application will not be able to live without:

Register / Log in. Of course, it isn’t possible to do this without registering. The entire process should be easy, reliable and safe.
Access to account. After registration, the user will be able to access his account and has the capability to manage personal data (if required).

Security. This cannot be described as a feature in the complete sense, but we cannot not leave it out. Security of data is always a concern especially when it comes to managing money application development. Be aware of this and apply security measures such like multi-factor authentication, face (or fingerprint) recognition, and many more.

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