Businesses Needing Transcription| Urgent Transcription| Same Day Transcription Services

Businesses Needing Transcription| Urgent Transcription| Same Day Transcription Services

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4 Businesses Looking for Urgent Transcriptions

In the present time of the internet where every business, regardless of it being operated from a
huge manufacturing unit or from your in-house office, is heavily dependent on online marketing
for targeting a worldwide audience.

All forms of content, from audio to video, are equally entertained by the online audience, which
is giving a boost to the transcription services for converting spoken files into written ones. This
is important in multiple aspects for entertaining your audience on a huge scale and end up
converting them as your customer.

The transcripts are also useful for boosting the SEO of online videos when added to their
descriptions by improving their ranking on the search results page and thus attracting more

The most important reason for going for transcripts is for increasing content accessibility.
Transcripts are vital for the hard to hear audience to understand and grasp the content being
presented either in audio or in a video.

There are hundreds of businesses that wish to get the best transcription results within a very less
time as these businesses are time-sensitive. And here, same day transcription services come to
the play. There are many same day transcription services agency online and you can hire them
for quick results. But make sure to check the quality first.

Lets learn about some businesses needing same day transcription.

News Media

News media is one industry that is extremely time-sensitive and doesn’t have a second to
waste. Different kinds of transcription services are demanded by this business on daily basis.
Transcription of interviews, live reporting sessions, weather updates, and more are a vital part of
this business.

Transcribing these audio and video forms of content is extremely important for publishing them
online on their website or for posts on social media. A well-written and quickly delivered
transcript can also be used offline in newspapers or as articles in weekly/monthly magazines.
Same day audio transcription services are one of the highly demanded services from the news
media industry.


Transcription services play a super vital role in the legal industry. Every form of audio or video
content needs to be transcribed for presenting them in the courtroom and as well as for records.
The nature of this work is extremely sensitive and thus legal transcriptions are performed by
experienced and knowledgeable legal transcriptionists only.

Various audio files like: victims statement/ interview, witness statements, wiretaps,
investigation statements, interrogation recordings, accident reports, and a lot more are
transcribed regularly. The need here is to have really high accuracy and hence same day certified
transcription services are used.

The transcription requirements here are majorly urgent or immediate and hence the probability of
same day services is higher than the regular services.


Entertainment is no more like how it used to be a few years back. People now prefer online
forms of content for entertainment purposes which give them the freedom to get themselves
entertained anywhere and everywhere.

All the online videos, movies on OTT platforms, webinars, and other forms of video content
require transcription services. These transcripts are used as social media posts for attracting more
people, like blogs for entertainment websites, as descriptions for movies or videos.

When it comes to webinars, the transcribed content can be shared with the audience/attendees for
reference over mails. Such transcripts are also used by the audience with hearing disabilities for
getting a more detailed understanding.

Online Classes

Online classes have been here for quite a time now but they were not a part of our life until
COVID hit us badly. After schools and universities declared online classes for students, many
other platforms have come with different kinds of online classes not limited to students alone but
for adults as well.

Its easy to find online classes for academic subjects, university fields, music, painting,
chess, cooking, baking, candle making, or anything that you can imagine off. A lot of people
found it hard to stay at home with no work and thus joined online classes to enhance their
technical or creative skills.

This is one business that has seen massive growth in the time of complete lockdown. But these
classes need to be more accessible and hence adding transcripts is a great idea. These transcripts
can also be shared with the candidates of the class for their future reference or as notes.
Blogs can also be drawn out of the transcripts of a class for a better online presence.

The Bottom Line

The importance of same day transcription services is not limited to these businesses alone but
has a wide scope in many other industries as well. One company that is known for offering the
best quality transcripts in 100+ languages is Quick Transcription Service.

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