Return to Africaaaaaaa

Return to Africaaaaaaa

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I'm going back to Africa in three weeks.

First a couple of weeks in Kenya, at a Workaway host and then the wonderful Hells Gate national park, then three months in Uganda at various Workaway hosts and conservation centres.

I went to Kenya last October, but Uganda is a first and I'm very excited.  The placement line up is also very exciting, and I can't wait to share my time there with you! 

I guess I should introduce myself: I'm old, certainly not a gap year teenager, and I've managed to get to this age single and with absolutely no responsibilities, which I'm very happy about!  I'm currently something like a professional volunteer, as I have very little interest in money and would rather spend my precious time on Earth doing what I love, and hopefully helping out along the way.  If that sounds smug, that's because it is, I'm very lucky to be in this position and plan to make the most of it.

My raison d'etre is nature, and within that environmental education, so most of what I do revolves around that.  If you follow this blog, chances are you'll see a shittonne of wildlife photos, (assuming I get my camera fixed in time) and some rambling musings on nature engagement and conservation.  I'll probably do a few book reviews too. Nature books of course.  Probably won't be much in the way of hotel recommendations or places to go, as I'm really only interested in wildlife, and generally only do what I want. 

Is this even a travel blog you ask?  Meh, I move around,  what more do you want!

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Nearwild Helen travel blog

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Travel With Us January 26th, 2018

Wow 😲. Africa is my future dream destination

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