Maps and Compass: Navigate 11.2097° N, 119.4623° E and start dropping pins.

Maps and Compass: Navigate 11.2097° N, 119.4623° E and start dropping pins.

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Statues made with stones created by mother nature,

Rock formations covers the place and it's a lure for a new adventure,

An adventure that will take your breath for what you can see,

Let your feet wander, 'cause it will lead you to a glistening water of sea,

A kiss from sun and your body covered with sand,

Breathe and dive, swim with fishes like you have fins and gills,

Let the beauty of nature take you to wonderland,

You will never get lost as the pale orange rays make you feel home and give you thrills,

The day is not over as the sun kisses the sea, real beauty blooms with darkness beneath your soul.


El nido, Palawan

El Nido is a Spanish word which means "The Nest", as the edible nest of swiftlets (Balinsasayaw) Collocalia fuciphaga are found in the crevices of its limestone cliffs. The nest is sold for 80000 to 15000 pesos depending on the quality.

El Nido is situated 238 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa, the most convenient way to go there is traveling by van which cost 500 pesos and it will take five hours to reach the island.

Mr. Sun says hi and greeted me with delight as my sweat is running over my forehead, the weather is perfect to get tanned and get a dip into the water. As one of the top listed tourist attraction here in Philippines it is not surprising that hotels are fully booked when I visited there last February 12,2016, so if you plan to visit El Nido book everything ahead to avoid conflicts and avail discounts in different travel agency.

Lists of things to do in El Nido:

1.Scuba Diving



4.Wind Surfing

5. Avail the Tour Packages in the surrounding Islands.

6.Cliff Climbing

7. Dining by the beach.

8. Mountain Biking.

9. Stand up paddle Board.

10. Motorbiking

SMALL LAGOON, El Nido Palawan

Mirror mirror on the water I can see the marine life under you, I am astonished with the clarity of water and I am not surprised why El Nido ranked number 1 in Condé Nast travellers list of "20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World".

BIG LAGOON, El Nido Palawan 

Fishes and jellyfish welcomes you in Big Lagoon just watched out and avoid to get sting. Jellyfish comes in various sizes and they are everywhere so be careful or never get off the boat, if you are really eager to get inside in the depths of Big lagoon I suggest you should rent a Kayak it cost 300 pesos per person for an hour.

BIG LAGOON Mini Rainbow 

On a perfect timing and dispersion of light, I captured a mini rainbow so who says rainbow shows only after the rain?

SECRET LAGOON, El Nido Palawan

It is so called Secret Lagoon because there is a misery and mystery to get inside. The Secret lagoon is divided into two by a giant limestone. In order to get inside you have to pass through a hole like hooking a needle with thread.

Sunset El Nido Palawan

 Like sunsets we find beauty in the end.

Here are some glimpse of Nacpan Beach, El Nido Palawan.

Palawan is great place to find serenity and perfect place to chill as it offers great view and various activity to enjoy your vacation. It's worthy of your time to explore as you get overwhelmed of it's beauty. 

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dhiemsticktock travel blog images

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