The Mermaid

The Mermaid

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She sits just out of reach
Atop a column or out at sea
In the world of my dreams
She sings, she calls to me

So I packed my bag
Leaving the known land
Scaling a new crag
Gripped with shaking hand

The waves lapping my leg
My eyes fixed on ahead
Until the day I built my nest
And lay down my sweet head

The sun it sets so soon
A silhouette still sings that tune
Praise god's gifted moon
I say, ‘I’ll come for you’

The elusive, the unknown 
Red hair, overgrown
Eyes look fierce now I’m close
A sword protects her own

After all this struggle
You enter at your peril
One more step to trouble
Or transcend to a new level

She sits just out of reach
Just like she’ll always be
What else is left to dream
If all are achieved?

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The Wanderer travel blog

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