Steps to Install on your Device

Steps to Install on your Device

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To activate office setup you should visit the website and input your product key for activation. Follow all steps to activate Microsoft

How To Activate Microsoft Office from
Microsoft Office Setup 365, is a combination of different software applications, such as Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft project, Visio, Skype, OneDrive which is being widely used by most of the working professionals and non professionals. The current version of office is office 2016 and the latest version that is expected to follow in the coming months is office 2019.

How to get MS Office Setup? MS Office Setup?
You can download the MS Office setup in many ways:

visit the office site on office.c om/setup and enter your product key. follow the steps to begin the downloading of office set-up
Get soft copy in CD from your local retailer
After purchasing Office either offline or online, you will get the Office activation key that's required to complete the installation. if you purchased online then you'll receive it via registered email id and if you received it in person, you'll find it on the back of your product credit card, or on your receipt.

How do I install MS Office Setup?
After downloading the setup, you need to install Office setup to your system PC or Mac. Then follow the instructions:

Start the MS Office setup page and enter the Office purchase key (the one you received following purchasing)
Log in to your online account by visiting
Check to see if you're logged.
The first time a new user registers is to create a new Microsoft account
Click on Install and follow the directions to complete the installation procedure in
How to activate MS Office Setup?
Before accessing MS Office setup, you have to activate it. Follow the instruction to activate Office Setup

After installation and download Follow the steps to activate.
Click on the Office icon and you'll be redirected onto an Office Wizard
Make sure you enter your office setup key
Finish the activation process.
How to install MS Office on your device
Here's how to install MS Office on your device easily. Follow the steps listed below and you'll be ready to download MS Office easily.

Turn on your device.
Then go to your favourite web browser to open the link
Tap on sign in.
Here you have to log in using your login details.
Once you've logged in to your login details, tap Install Office.
Then click"Install Office". Install the Office button again.
After that, the process of downloading the setup will begin.
Then, sit back and wait for the download to finish. After the setup has been downloaded to your device, go through the next part, where we'll explain ways to set up MS Office easily.
Steps to Install Microsoft Office on your Device
Here's how to install MS Office Setup on your device. Follow the steps listed below.

Turn on your device.
You can then go to your My computer folder.
Then find your Downloads folder. It is where the setup is downloaded in the folder.
Then in the download folder, you will find the MicrosoftOfficeInstaller.exe file and then open it.
After that, you can grant any permissions for the installation instruction.
MS Office installer window will open.
Follow the on-screen prompts in the installer's window to begin.
Click on"Install Office Office" Install Office option to begin this Office installation process.
It could take a few minutes for the installation process to be completed.
After the process is completed, MS Office setup has been installed on your device, and now it is time to close the installation window.

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officeesetup travel blog images

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