Sydney Moving Guide: Things You Need to Consider

Sydney Moving Guide: Things You Need to Consider

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Sydney is a city of great opportunities for those looking to migrate to a better place to make their living easier and more delightful. It is a city in Australia with the highest rate of immigrants, where almost half of all citizens are born abroad. That's quite a high rate that speaks volumes. What's the secret behind Sydney's popularity among people searching for a better, more secure future? Well, there are plenty of reasons behind this statistic, and the one that stands out the most is undoubtedly the willingness and benevolence of the Australian government to make everyone's stay as uncomplicated as possible. 

The bureaucratic system can present a real burden and obstacle to someone's immigration path. Still, Australians recognize the importance of immigrants for their country's development, explicitly obtaining specialists in different fields of expertise. That's why they try to make things less intricate and more accessible for immigrants. It's how they successfully built a strong economy and stable society over time. 

Aside from the great opportunities for employment on the ever-growing job market also lies the fact that Sydney is simply a stunning location with a variety of benefits leading to a good quality of life. A moderate climate, natural beauties, an outdoorsy style of living, and a generous and welcoming community are just a few. 

If you plan to move to Sydney, there are some things you should consider prior. Keep reading and find out what you should have in mind before making the big move! 

Applying for a visa 
If you are a foreign citizen trying to find your way to Sydney, acquiring a visa is a must. The best thing you can do is check the Australian Government website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, where all required pieces of information are listed in detail. Make sure that you follow each step carefully and prepare yourself to meet any required criteria. 

Organizing relocation 
It's never easy to organize a relocation since things can get messy and out of line quite easily. If you need a van or a truck for a quick move, make sure to find a reliable truck rental in Sydney so that things can go well and smoothly for you. To find the simplest and most affordable way of transporting your belongings to the desired location and to adequately organize your trip, you should also get to know what are the types of luggages and which items you can plan to carry on by yourself. It gets tricky if you come from abroad and plan to ship your belongings to Australia. Since the cost of overseas transportation can get pretty high, it makes you wonder if it’s worth it. It all depends on the importance of items you wish to move, but we suggest you try to avoid it. Otherwise, get ready to spend some extra cash. 

Finding accommodation 
Unless you are lucky enough to have acquaintances who can offer you a short stay, you should consider booking a hotel or a hostel first. It will give you a couple of days to try and find the best solution for your future accommodation. Depending on your circumstances, you can find plenty of suitable options for a perfect home. All you have to do is a quick internet search – many commercial websites advertise for this purpose. 

Four main city regions 
Sydney is a city of four specific regions that all present different qualities. Maybe it's wise to understand what each area offers so that you can make a decision that suits your standards the most. The North region is a prestigious suburb where the cost of living can get amplified, while Southern suburbs are more affordable, even though they are far from downtown. Still, they are well connected to the city center. East Sydney is a good option for those who plan to live in shared homes, while West Sydney is famous for its affordability, even though it carries a risk of heightened crime rates. Make sure to check everything in detail and make a wise choice. 

Finding a job 
Before applying for any job, make sure that your resume is well prepared and adapted for its purpose. Also, keep in mind that Australians have their unique resume format and make sure that you meet those standards. It's highly recommended that you organize your LinkedIn profile, especially referrals from previous co-workers, managers, and bosses. 

To new beginnings 
We wish you a happy beginning of your new journey, and remember, even though things will not always go as planned, don't give up, work hard, and hope for the best. Sydney is a place for everyone, and we are confident that you will feel more than welcome. Cheers to your new home!

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