Never Stop Dreaming

Never Stop Dreaming

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If you're reading this I want to thank you so much! OVER 200 VIEWS on my last blog... my goodness! I can't believe the outcome so far and this is just the beginning, thank you to everyone!

Those that know me, know that I have so many dreams and aspirations - I can't even count them on my fingers anymore. Although, that number keeps on growing and I never stop thinking of new aspirations. Why? Well, because in my opinion the meaning of life is to dream, or rather to aspire. It is to know something - whatever it may be - that you're passionate about and work towards it without failure every single day. Your dream is your calling, your purpose and above all - your happiness. 

'But I don't have time to spend all day [writing, singing, traveling]'

If you want your dream bad enough you make time. You make time and you work your hardest to reach it every single day.

Failure. Many think this is an ugly word but in reality it is a KEY part in achieving your dreams. Faliure is what motivates you. You fail, but you do not give up - you take the failure and turn it into fuel to push yourself even harder. I heard a quote once. It was said by Tidashi Hamada - or as he may be best known - older brother of Hiro Hamada; from the Pixar movie 'Big Hero 6'. 

'Look for a new angle.'

Little did I know that this quote would be key to all of the success I have has so far - and I've only just begun.

One of my dreams is to become an Influencer. It's goal number one. But how to do it, that's the hard part. You see, I've tried all of the social media platforms to try and build my following., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube - and I don't seem to be having much luck. Am I impatient? Maybe, and patience is a valuable skill in success and above all a much needed attribute - as is failure. When I tried a new platform and failed I did exactly what Tidashi said, I looked for a new angle. Looking for a new angle means looking at what isn't working and trying something new, doing it completely differently or tweaking parts of your strategy. What ever your angle may be it is a fresh perspective on your goal and ultimately it can lead to success.

I haven't however given up on my failed attempts at certain platforms, I still upload to my Instagram (Follow @worldbyhol shameless plug) and all of my other ones but looking for a new angle bought me here - to blog. I'm overwhelmed by my success so far and I just want to keep moving forward.

Stating the obvious, another of my dreams is to travel. I've traveled already, around the UK, Spain and France but I want to see more. I want to see this entire planet and it's beauty. With all of the hatred and negativity in the world I want to change my vision on Earth and see the positive things and do my part in fixing some of the negatives. I want to, when I'm old enough, travel to countries where there are children and families in need and help them. Teach them my knowledge of languages like English and Spanish and give them hope that someday they can be successful. 

One day, I want to have a platform that enables me to do good. The power to do good. I want to build schools in places where there are none, I want to find homes for the homeless and I want to provide clean water and food for places without. I want to give relief to natural disaster victims, I want to help end bullying. I want to do so many things in life and this blog page is the beginning for me. It can be the beginning for everybody reading this right now. Whatever you want to do in life, right now stop, start doing. Do something that is going to aid YOUR future. Not anyone else's, but yours. Remember to look for a new angle, thats what I've done and so far, I've not done half bad for a fifteen-year-old...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!! I want to thank Track That Travel for providing me the opportunity to write this amongst all of the other amazing writers on this platform! Please head to Instagram and follow me @worldbyhol and never stop dreaming! Next Tuesday there will be another blog so don't miss out and please subscribe so you don't miss a thing! You have to create an account but it takes 2 seconds and its FREE!! Please be inspired and start acting towards your dreams today! 

I am looking for any tips you may have to do with saving money, travel safety and travel life hacks that may help me when I can start my own adventures! So please DM me on Instagram or comment on my blog, thanks!!

Holly Alyssa:)

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nirajperiwal January 17th, 2018

Interesting read, loved it. With every story one gets to learn something, from yours "look for a new angle" is one to be noted. Perspective of life changes if we look it from a different angle. Keep Travelling & Exploring. Cheers
travel blog

WorldByHol January 10th, 2018

Thank you so much!!
travel blog

BSmyth January 10th, 2018

From someone who is double your age, you have the ambition that will make you successful. You can tell by just reading this blog you have what it takes. The older you get the clearer your vision becomes. In a couple of years, you will be reading this blog and reflecting on your new life filled with the opportunities you're writing about now!

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