Easy Guide For 123 Hp Com DJ2652.

Easy Guide For 123 Hp Com DJ2652.

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The printing can be done using mobile connectivity with ePrint the print application for android mobiles. The AirPrint application supports the wireless printing function from the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iMac. Download the printer software corresponding to the printer model number from “123 Hp Com DJ2652”.

Steps to 123 Hp Com DJ2652 Printer Setup

123 hp com setup 2652 needs basic setup and installation like all other printers. The connection in this hp-setup can be a wired or wireless network.
Unbox the HP Deskjet 2652 printer and remove all the protective tapes from it.
Connect one end to the power cord of the printer and other the to the electric board.
Turn on the printer and from the control panel make the necessary changes.
Insert the hp orginal ink cartridges into the respective slot given.
Place the paper on the tray and adjust according to the size.
Do not lace more than 250 sheets. Push back stack in its place.

123 HP Deskjet 2652 Hardware Setup

To install the ink cartridges, the printer should be powered on at first. Follow the steps given below to switch on the printer and install the ink cartridges. Once you’ve installed the ink cartridges and loaded a fresh batch of papers into the Paper Tray, you can also install the software drivers from 123 Hp Com DJ2652.

123 Hp Com DJ2652 - Switching on the printer

First, untie the twisted cord on the power cord and connect it to the power module. Plug the purple end of the power module into the purple slot at the rear of the printer. There’s also a USB cord just beside the purple slot. 
Then, connect the other end of the cord into a wall outlet. Avoid using power strips as this might result in power issues with the printer. Switch on the printer by pressing the power button. Once the printer is switched on, wait for it to fall silent.

123 Hp Com DJ2652 - Ink cartridge Installation

First, open the ink cartridge access area behind the Paper Input Tray and wait until the ink carriages reach the center.
Next, remove the wrapper from the black ink cartridges.
Now,  peel away the film on the copper-colored contacts by pulling the pink pull tab.
Then, insert the black cartridge into the right slot and push it up gently until it snaps into place.

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anmol2zlato travel blog images

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