I Bought a One Way Ticket

I Bought a One Way Ticket

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Despite having travelled to five different continents and backpacked through all different terrains, my life as a traveller has always be finite. That return ticket was ever-present in my pocket, counting down to the end of my trip. This time, however, I bought a one way ticket.

After a great time wandering in Warsaw and meeting an amazing girl (which, by the way, is going somewhere), it made sense to go back. After a week in Warsaw, I will fly to Athens with three Polish friends, where I'll be walking in the footsteps of the peripatetic philosophers. My feet will meet the streets where Epicurus built a garden of pleasure, Plato discovered the meaning of Justice, and Diogenes threw a plucked chicken at Aristotle while he was trying to teach.

The reason for travelling to Athens was more or less the same reason I travel anywhere: I could afford it and I've never been before. There are also many places around Poland that I've never visited, so this seems like a good starting point to visit some new countries and start some new adventures. With my laptop in my bag and the existence of cheap hostels, I should be able to earn enough to cover my costs as I move around. There's little need to travel home (whatever that is).

I will of course visit my family in England often, but this marks the start of a life unshackled. An accident of birth shouldn't determine where you end up. We live in an interconnected world with cheap transport and shelter. If you can forgo expensive clothes and phone contracts, then it is possible to escape the sense of being arbitrarily trapped by circumstance (geworfenheit).

I can travel indefinitely for cheaper than the rent in my hometown and earn my living with the help of a few simple words. I have very few plans after Athens, but my first ever one way ticket will take me where I need to go.

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The Wanderer travel blog images

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BSmyth January 10th, 2018

Seems like you should go chase that girl :P

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