Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek

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Book Everest Base Camp Trek . Our pre-monsoon treks are special in that we get to stay at Base Camp for the night. Our days spent touring Base Camp provide insight into the inner workings of expedition life, while our post-monsoon departure allows us to take advantage of the beautiful skies and pure views of the autumnal trails.

This tour guide only scratches the surface of what you should know before setting out on the incredible Everest Base Camp journey. Check out the specifications on our Everest Base Camp tour website for more information on general trip pricing, lodging, and more.

Everest is more than a mountain, and getting to its base camp is more than a hike. Every loop in the trek offers another photo opportunity - gorgeous forests, Sherpa communities, glacier moraines, and hillsides — along a journey dubbed "the steps to heaven" by some. Our comprehensive trekking support personnel will introduce you to local cultures before opening a window to the top of the world for adventurous adventurers not afraid to break a sweat.

Base Camp is a term used to describe the location where you Two short syllables that conjure up visions as vast and strong as the Himalayan Mountains themselves. This 15-day trekking vacation is your opportunity to fulfil your ambitions, to test yourself and discover both the majesty of the mountains and your own potential. Walk amid giants of nature and enjoy the sense of liberation that comes with abandoning Wi-Fi in favour of card games in tiny teahouses, learning about Sherpa life, and viewing the sunrise over Mount Everest. Furthermore, our commitment to the rights and fair treatment of porters and trekking guides ensures that you'll be doing the trek of a lifetime in an ethical manner.

Our guides will show you an enchan­ting Nepal, a country of warm people, beautiful scenery, and a wide range of cultural traditions on this Ever­est Base Camp Trek. This unique combination of outdoor adventure and cultural exploration is a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of the Himalayan Mountains, which are arguably the most beautiful mountains on the planet.

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moustachescapes travel blog images

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