The ups and downs of island living

The ups and downs of island living

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Hi there! 

Happy 2018! Hope everyone is settling in to the new year! For us it is business as usual. Sun, sea, sand. You would think one can never get bored of all the glorious sun, sea and sand well for the most part one probably can't but sometimes you get a bit of a kick in the butt reminding you that it's not always jolly good times. My laptop decided to kick it just before the new year, literally while I was writing up my blog entry it just went up and died with no prior warning. So I had to send it off for repair to the mainland, luckily my parents came to visit so they took the traitor back. Hence the hiatus. Will probably get it back in March when we're due back for a visa run. I do have an iPad but it is always nicer to type up on a laptop and I hate using the phone cause I always end up pressing the home button and loose all I had just written cause I didn't manage to save it before. Anyways that's one downfall of living on an island. Sorry to start the up the blog with some complaining but aren't we allowed to vent sometimes? 

So last time I posted it was Xmas. Wow that felt like forever ago. Since then we have celebrated the little man's big 1! It was somewhat an eventful day. Had breakfast with my parents, then went to get an awesome jigsaw mat of another local that had literally been living on the island for almost 6 years and now that they have a 16 month old boy they decided to finally return to Europe cause there is no day care on the island and living as a family with two working parents can be challenging at times. Anyways back to the story, got the mat then went to get the cake. We managed to get a cute little car cake which u can see in the picture below. 👇🏾

After picking up the mat and cake I thought we would go for a nap before the big party. After dropping my mum back at her resort we decided to walk back. I also had a friend with me that we bumped into at Castaway while getting the mat. As we were walking, I manage to trip on an invisible step as it did not have a warning and fell with Liam in my arms, my knee broke the fall but i still didn't manage to stop Liam's head from hitting the ground. I was always a little clumsy but I had managed to not fall for a year as I was always so careful and nervous about falling with him. Well made it a whole year, fell on his 1st birthday! Well done mom! 😞 I did however discover that I had become calmer during these times of stress. The same could not be said about my mum. Hahah. I'm sure she was calmer as a mum but as a grandma, that's a whole other story. 😂 My knee took the hit pretty bad and I was out of the water for almost three weeks. Which sucks when you are surrounded by water and it's super hot 99% of the time. My friend did save me though with his quick reaction to the wound and the magic spray plaster. (We had been hearing the magic that is the spray plaster for weeks and I was lucky enough to get to see it in action a lot over the course of 2 and a half weeks. It's great, so if you do manage to get a wound or a cut thats not too big or deep and need to be in the water heaps get on it. I swear by it. Thanx Ed.) 👌🏾😉 mine was pretty big and kindda deep hence the dry days but showering was no bother. It did sting a lot in the beginning of the spraying process but once it was covered I was good to go. 

So now our little man is 1! It's crazy how a year can change ones life. So many things have happened, we have had our ups and downs watch others live their lives but in the midst of it all we got to watch a fresh new human become a person. It has been a mind blowing experience from the first cry to the first giggle. Moving to the island has given us perspective on how we may want our lives to be like. It is of course a constant plan in progress but we thrive to make it better. More on that progress later...

Back to island living. I find that meeting new people all the time can be fun but then when you meet some really nice ones that tend to stay just a little longer than most you get somewhat attached and with the little routine you get into you feel like it's home then they leave and that's when reality hits. It's usually sad for them as they probably wanna stay and be on this holiday forever but they don't realize that it is as sad for us as we feel that we are getting left behind. Even though we are where they want to be, being left behind is way worse than leaving as they get back to life the holiday will but a wonderful memory and then you have to start the process all over again with someone new, given that you get to meet someone as cool as them. The great thing about it is that Liam gets to meet all these new and exciting people which can help with his development and adapt to new environment. I must say that we have made some really amazing life long friends through our travels. Hopefully Liam will be able to the same in the future.

One other downside to living here is that I miss having a kitchen where I can actually make my own food. Eating out gets old fast as you feel like you must pick from the menu or that you must have a portion that could be too much sometimes. The worse is definitely when you need something at a certain hour but are unable to get cause the place is closed or you are just too lazy to go out and get it. We don't have a fridge so keeping food in the room is not really an option. Our house in Sweden is about 150sq over 3 floors and at the moment we have downsized to about 10sq. Our room now is about half the size of our master bedroom but with a bathroom. Although it is nice to not have to worry about cleaning it all day long it does get a bit tight for storage. When it was just the two of us we didn't notice it as much but now with toys all around it an get a little messy. I do miss my kitchen and of course my bed. On a positive note we always have the beach to go to and the minute I get out there I am reminded why I'm here. 

So thats a little update on our side. How's the start of your 2018 so far? Till next time.... check out the gallery for some pics but for more picture updates check out our Instagram @liamsbeach 👌🏾

Have a sunny day! ☀️

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