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One of the most frequently asked question that I get is, “Are you just traveling alone?” and whenever I give them my YES, I always get that why-in-the-world-are-you-traveling-alone look.

Because WHY NOT?

Due to the close down of this site, please head out to my new blog — https://ontheroadagain.me

So here’s my second blog where I will enumerate the reasons why do I travel solo and encourage you to try it at least once in your life! This is to let everyone understand that traveling alone is sometimes not a bad idea.

1.) Meet new friends

         (Couchsurfing group in HK)

One of the most overrated answer is to meet new friends! But hey, it’s true. When you travel solo there’s a bigger chance for you to meet new friends than when you travel with a friend. Why? If you are traveling with your friend most probably it’s just both of you who’s gonna talk the whole time. And because you know you’re with someone who you are close with, your interest to be with other people is depreciating. So when you travel solo, there will be days that you’ll be bored and need someone to talk to, that’s the time that you will have the courage and the interest to engage with other travelers! It could also be in a situation like when you stay in a hostel dorms, and you will meet people who has the same plan as yours. Or you can be struggling taking your whole body solo photo and accidentally found someone who can take it for you and also traveling alone! Or even if they are not travelers, even just a bystander somewhere on the street. Isn’t it exciting to have friends around the globe?!!

2.) You are on your own

             (Uluwatu Temple, Bali)

Your own decisions, your own time, your own consequences. If you partied hard last night and feeling lazy to wake up early in the morning, it’s fine. No one will drag you out from the bed and force you to take that big bus tour that you have booked. If you don’t feel like eating a Mexican burrito, you are free to go to an Italian restaurant that will serve you the best penne pasta you’ve been craving for. Whatever you want to do or plan to do, when do you want or how do you want to do it..it’s all up to you. You don’t have to depend on anyone, you don’t have to think about what others’ want. This is just about you. NO DRAMA

3.) Save some pennies

      (night market in Hanoi, Vietnam)

As what I’ve observed, it’s easier to engage with locals when you’re traveling solo. I had a first experience with it, they’re always willing to help me when I need something. It’s either they feel sorry that I have to travel alone or maybe I’m just charming with my tame puppy look. lol So engage with them and they will show you where the good foods at, affordable places for shopping and local transportation (avoid the taxi).
Solo travelers usually stays in hostels (so they can meet other people) or budget hotels, especially if they are backpackers. They also use couchsurfing (where you will be taken care of by your host and worry less) or airbnb. You also don’t have to think about treating your friend for a meal or a drink.

Although, there is really no guarantee that you will be saving tons of money, because at the end of the day it’s still depends on how you manage your money. There are trips where you’re just all out for a luxurious holiday, if that’s your plan— you can skip this part!

4.) Your secrets are safe with you

    (wild boat party in Gili Trawangan)

Got drunk one Sunday night and slept on the street? Accidentally peed on your pants while you’re in an overnight bus going to Da Lat? Slept at the coffee shop coz you ran out of penny? Got kicked out from a bar for being wasted? Got scammed on a taxi? No matter how embarrassing your moments are, no problem. In this world of solo travelers, no one knows you and no one will judge you. Even if you try to do a naked dance in the middle of an express way, people will forget it the next day and won’t even give a single damn about it. Be free and do whatever you want.

5.) Self confidence level 100

           (Nusa Penida, Indonesia)

When you conquered your fear of traveling solo, you would feel like you are a new person once you’re back. Just thinking about on how you survived making your own itinerary, indulging yourself to different taste of delicacies, being vocal and open to other people who you just met..that’s when your self confidence will reach the level 100. You might even think, that because you survived the trip, meaning you can survive everything that will follow. I remember when I came back from my solo trip, I was so motivated with my life (career, relationship and everything in between). I feel like I have been given a second life to start over— that’s how fresh it was. So if you’re already thinking about it, let me be the first person to tell you that you are such a courageous individual, and that I admire your bravery. If I can do it, so you can.

6.) Experience new things

         (driving tuktuk in Bangkok)

Do your most awaited bucket list adventure of sky diving. Eat a piece of snake meat. Wear your own weird Halloween costume while roaming around the street of Harajuku. Trek up to the top of Machu Picchu. Get your authentic Chinese massage in Beijing. Swim with whale sharks in Oslob. Survive in an isolated island with twenty dollars in your pocket. Catch the aurora in Norway. Join the party in Coachella. Dance in one of the festivals in Rio de Janeiro. Get drunk in Mykonos. These are just few from the new things that you can experience, or we can even start with your SOLO TRIP!

7.) Find yourself, heal your heart

         (Three Tree Island, Maldives)

The most important thing here is, during or even after your trip, there are so many things that you will realize about yourself. So many things that you thought you would not be able to do. People who you thought you would not be able to meet. The joy of traveling alone is overwhelming. It allows you to be free, that is the short moment of escaping from all the toxic in your surrounding. You will have the peace of mind to think of the things that you have to focus on with your life once you go back to reality. It heals your heart away from the sadness and brokenness. Traveling alone changes your perspective in life, and lastly, it makes you appreciate all the little things that comes.

Never be afraid to try. Just make sure you do a lot of research about the country, people, places to go and things to do. Embrace the experience that you have tried. Put into your heart the lessons that you have learned. Treasure all the people that you have met. Believe me, you will be fine.

Get out of your comfort zone and take the risk. Your once in a lifetime adventure is waiting for you!

more of my journey in my instagram: @rxnrvr

Due to the close down of this site, please head out to my new blog — https://ontheroadagain.me

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OnTheRoad Again travel blog images

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travel blog

OnTheRoad Again April 3rd, 2018

@boardingcallblog Traveling Solo for the first time is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! But I can assure you, this is going to be fun!!! Thank you for reading 💋
travel blog

boardingcallblog April 3rd, 2018

love this! I'm getting ready to travel solo in a couple months myself and this was great inspiration to get me even more excited. it is my first time so I love reading posts like this!
travel blog

TraveLem January 18th, 2018

@OnTheRoad Again. Thank you for sharing this. I have learned a lot. Still hoping to see you on the road once in my life.
travel blog

OnTheRoad Again January 17th, 2018

@TraveLem i’m sorry to hear that but I hope you’re having a good time traveling alone!
travel blog

OnTheRoad Again January 17th, 2018

@BSmyth and you might not even remember it haha
travel blog

TraveLem January 17th, 2018

#1 is the reason why me and my girlfriend broke up, I'm traveling alone here in the Philippines, around luzon, I encounter a lot of people and also a friend by she alway jealous the I decided to broke with her and continue my study and travel alone.
travel blog

BSmyth January 15th, 2018

Number 4 is my favorite! lol I may or may not have had a few of those nights. haha

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