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Hello everyone! Tuesday again – marking the start of yet another BLOG! Here on WorldByHol, so far, I've made some blogs about perspectives on life, dreams and things like that. But now I want to take a step back and make a slightly more grounded blog. Because, although I am a kid with her head in the clouds, I sometimes like to realize myself and see things differently. So, here we are – and I'm about to show you my top 3 (in no particular order) of the cool travel-themed items I got for Christmas!  
Whether you think they're pointless, for novelty, or genuinely useful travel tools, I can't say – all I know is that I love all of them so let me show you! 
1. Jet Lag 'Bon Voyage' Travel Wallet 
I love this travel wallet! Personally, I think for someone who is used to being quite disorganized like myself – this can be a real help on travels. Everything you need is in one place and neatly labeled. A disadvantage however of this product is that, if you lose the wallet, I guess you would lose everything. All at once. Although, this is not a criticism specifically to this wallet – but to the idea in general. I love the design on the front and how it is shiny on the lettering, it also feels quite durable and not like it would break easily. Definitely something I will be using! 
2. Sass & Belle 'Saving to go places' Vintage Map Money Box 
I'm trying so hard to save money to be able to travel, it really is unreal. Every scrap of spare change; I save. I've never really been very good at saving, my philosophy used to be that whenever I had money, it was important to spend it. Then and there. All in one go. In any shop. It takes a lot of motivation and encouragement for me to be able to save and this money box is all of that bundled into a small terracotta suitcase! With getting older I've matured in realizing that travel in all aspects (helping the less fortunate, traveling with family, education) is so important to me that – come hook or crook – I was GOING to save. This money box is so aesthetically pleasing you can't help but save! The vintage look really shows the age and eras of travel and – the best part – the bottom is really hard to take off so I can't dip into it. Let's just hope I don't drop it now! 
3. Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places on the Planet... Ranked - 
If it was not a bit large and heavy to take around with me, I would take this everywhere. The amount of knowledge you can drink from this is amazing! I recommend everyone reading this to go and buy this right now! It comes with a free world map with corresponding numbered locations to the ones in the book too. The pages have very well-structured information, tips and just general awesomeness on places on every continent! Again, the front is shiny so therefore it’s already a must-have for me! I truly believe that for any young but not necessarily new traveler like me who is just starting to branch out and travel alone and gain more independence can learn a lot from books like these. The Lonely Planet website also makes for good reading as it contains lots of tips on specific places in detail. Go check them out! 
Additonally, I got some other travel gifts such as a smaller version of my travel wallet with an 'Adiós!' Design on the cover (shiny again, of course) which is very convenient at the airport, a travel journal (with shiny pages, oh my goodness I'm seeing a theme) and a Sass & Belle passport cover which matches my money box. I also got a black and gold Scratch Map Deluxe which TOTALLY would of made my top 3 if it weren't so awkward to photograph! But all of these other wonderful things I got I love just as much as the Top 3 above and I can't wait to try them out. See pictures of all of my things below!

Well, again thank you so much for reading. My latest blog reached almost 350 views. I am speechless - thank you so much! Please tell me if you enjoyed this Top 3 and if you'd like to see more or if you'd like me to go back to the same style of blog as the first two. I'm still testing out what works best and feedback is the best way for me to do this!! 
If anyone has ANY tips on traveling in general, saving money, places to go or life hacks that make traveling less stressful and more fun – please tell me in the comments! I have so much to learn and I thank Track That Travel for providing us with this community to write and help one another collaboratively.  
Follow me on Instagram @WorldByHol and until next Tuesday! 
- Holly Alyssa ðŸ™‚ 
Thumbnail made with Piccollage – a free app to download on the app store and play store. It's great for making collages and well – the possibilities are endless so go check them out! BYEEEE 

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WorldByHol travel blog images

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