Traveling While Studying

Traveling While Studying

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Why we do an international travel? 
Also why we don't explore our own country and make things happen. Here is my short story. 

Am I the only one that travels a lot while Im studying? I'm 19 years old taking the course Bachelor of Science and Hotel and Restaurant Management and I alway wondering how lucky I am because at my age I experience to travel alone Go and Explore. 

Here are the few things that I learned. 

1: Time Management. 
 Being a student is hard, but being a traveler student is must better. YES its hard to Synchronize two things at the time like traveling ing and studying but if you think you can do, you can. Studying is adapting things from your/our professor so that we can use it in the future, but traveling is an experience that we can do and give as strength and make as more things, it can be our stress reliever and also a recreational life style. Also we can use this as a motivation to our job or study. However it affects my study only one thing I remember and I learned, I now how to manage my time  

2: Development my Communication skills
Communicating other people is a really good thing to learn and apply when traveling. Talking to other people is the best part because you can get more friend and it was very satisfying, some people that you meet can be your real friends, best friend or ever a love ones, 

3: Just be your self. 
As a traveler you need to be good to others and also be humble. Respecting others believe and respecting the other side of you. You are traveling not to amaze somebody but to amazed your self and do some things that will last forever, and accept the fack that I am just a student and I don't have enough money to go and travel around the world, and to do things like sky diving that's one thing that i realize. But I believe that I can't go for  for now but not in the future. 

Just believe that you can and probably you can do, and Im so happy to share my short story to everyone here. 

Always remember that we are a winner not a loser, so we can travel and reach our goals. 

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TraveLem travel blog images

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