Is it actually possible to do Iceland cheap?

Is it actually possible to do Iceland cheap?

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Is is possible to do Iceland on the cheap? 

Recently we we travelled to Iceland on a classic “couples short winter break”. In hope that we’d see the Northen Lights, experience all of the highlights on a low budget, travelers friendly style.
The result....

over the the course of 4 days we spent a total of £650 for two people.
Which as Iceland goes isn’t bad. Here’s what we did and how much it all really cost...

1) Flights - Easy jet hand luggage only £65 per person return. (From London Gatwick). 

2) Car hire - thirty (collection at airport) Fully comprehensive under 21’s insurance £320 ish! - YOU MUST GET FULLY COMP WE SAW SO MANY CRASHES INVOLVING TOURISTS IT IS NOT WORTH IT IN THE SNOW!!!
3) Travel insurance - I took out a basic insurance covering us both of £7.80 (Go compare or compare the market is best for good deals on short breaks) 

4) Accomodation - we stayed at Hotel Base - Booked with, £65 per person for 4 nights with a shared bathroom. Clean, friendly, free parking, around half an hour from Reykjavík (But if you’ve got a car why not)! 

5) Food - I’m unsure exactly how much but we did take pasta as the hotel had cooking facilities and we just brought some bread, butter and mars bars 😂

6)Petrol - expect to pay around £1.40 per litre at current (Jan 2018)

Okay that’s all the boring stuff done! 

7) Blue lagoon tickets - on there main website, off peak £45 per person including a face mask! 

8) Snorkelling between the North American and Eurasian Tectonic played a 3 hour tour, cold but very worth while and not many do it. (Ticket included dry suit hire and a hot chocolate 🍫) £108 with Vikings. 

9) parking - we spent around £10 over 4 days on parking. 

10) the secret lagoon - more travellers style and cheaper than the blue lagoon only £20 per person. 

Thats it! Oh and one meal out which was over priced, greasy and rubbish which was £60 for both us at some gross road house bleh!!! 

What we did for our money....
1. Blue lagoon
2. Secret Lagoon 
3.Snorkelling between tectonic plates.
4.One meal out
6. Gulfoss
7. Pingviller National park
8. The earth quake stimulator and glass floor post office. 
9. Visited the famous church. 
10. Strolled around Reykjavík 

we somehow spent £650 between us which is £325 per person including all travel costs, insurance, food, car, fuel, activities and accommodation for 4 nights in Iceland. Which seen as it’s very expensive isn’t that bad!!! 

We we could have so easily spent more, if you lived a little bit more luxurious and ate 3 meals a day, drank alcoholic drinks but we were on a budget so overall we did pretty well. 
Book things online, shop around for the best deal, don’t spend on accomodation unless your intending on spending all your time there, you just need a place to sleep at the end of the day. Spend on car insurance none the less there were so many crashes and abandoned cars at the side of the road it’s not worth the risk! 
Shop at Bonus it’s the local supermarket . And stay somewhere that you can cook food it will save you one of your arms in money. 

Iceland has so many free sites to visit that actually you could do it cheaper, you just need to pay for fuel ⛽️ But it’s still cheaper to hire a car fully comp that book on to say 4 days of day tours with boring coach companies. Never mind the fact these are time schedule and restrict the places you see, how long you get there and what you do. 

Just be free do do what you want but take care driving on there roads. 

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alpineramble December 14th, 2020

wOW, What great places to see, you guys are lucky enough to have time to spend in this beautiful land of the mountains, we wish hope to visit there from Nepal
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Littlemissdreamcatcher January 21st, 2018

Too bad you’re busy in New Zealand 😂 @LizzyCodd
travel blog

LizzyCodd January 20th, 2018

Sounds brilliant - I must book a trip for myself and Matt sometime soon 😜

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