The Journey

The Journey

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Have you ever heard the quote: 'The journey is more important than the destination'? You may have heard it in other ways, such as in the song 'The Climb'. The point is that it's true - and I've found this out just recently.

I myself am currently starring in a musical called 'FAME', I'm playing the character 'Mabel' and I'm quite proud to have been given this role. However, I recently found myself complaining a lot about how busy my rehearsal schedule is, worrying about my solo singing roles and above all not taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that - before even performing on stage - I have made so many new friends that I hope to have for life, developed a new confidence I didn't even know I had and made new memories that are going to last a life time. That is the beauty of the journey. The build up towards the show is infact more beautiful than the show itself and the journey being so good it can even make the outcome (the show) 100x better. Sure, we've had a few rough patches here and there, my fellow cast and I, but we get through it. Your journey. Even if it's rough and full of unexpected twists and turns, it will all work out.

I think a positive outlook is key on any success. Because 'when you say yes to life, life says yes to you', right? Things don't always go as planned, but that's when - like I said previously - you look for a new angle. Perspective is a big part of life and the way you look upon certain situations will affect the turn out of said situation. If you look for the silver lining, you're most likely to find it.

To be honest, I had absolutely NO idea what to write about today. With the FAME schedule, exams and other stuff going on right now, inspiration hasn't really struck me. Alas, I'm not going to give up - and if inspiration doesn't strike me by next Tuesday, I'm going to physically go out and find it! I just thought I'd leave you with a few words of wisdom from me for the week. Whether you decide to take my words or not, I hope you haven't grown tired with me just yet! Next week I'm gonna jam pack this blog just stay tuned!!

Thank you for reading, and being patient!
Holly Alyssa :)

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