Mock Interview: What Will You Say?

Mock Interview: What Will You Say?

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An IAS mock interview is the best tool to evaluate the skills and personality of the candidate for a particular position. It is one of the best ways to understand the ability of the candidate and how well he/she can perform in the real interview. So, if you are preparing for a UPSC mock interview, then you need to prepare for it in a different way.

If you are searching for mock interview tips then I am going to share the same with you, as I have done mock interviews in my previous jobs. Here are some of the important tips for a successful mock interview:

Know the requirements of the job

This is the most common mistake that most of the candidates make. They apply for a job without knowing what the job requires. So, in this case the candidate will fail the interview because he/she does not have any idea about the job.

So, you need to know what kind of skills is required for the job and how well you can perform in it.

Prepare answers

The most common mistake that most of the candidates do is that they prepare for the interview without knowing what the interviewer wants to ask them. This is the most common mistake and most of the candidates make, so don’t make this mistake. Prepare answers for the questions that are asked by the interviewer and get prepared for the interview.

It is the most common question in the interview, so make sure that you have prepared for it.

Don’t talk too much

Talking is not required in the interview. The interviewer will ask the questions, you will answer it and the HR will decide whether to select the candidate or not.

So, don’t talk a lot in the interview, as it will only make the interviewer bored.

Do not forget to smile

Smile is the best way to show confidence and that is the reason why the interviewer will like you.


I hope these UPSC mock interview tips will help you to perform better in the interview. These tips will definitely help you to get a good job in the future.

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