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There was once a girl same age as me asked me why I travel, usually alone.
I asked her back instead, "What makes you happy?"
She was left thinking of what it could be.
So then I answered instead her question "I travel not because it's me not finding my self but it's my self finding its way of where it's supposed to be and everytime I do that it makes me feel completely happy and free, it always answer my curios imagination which never settle into one destination. To travel alone is not that way easy, it needs perseverance and strong mind; for you to seek those remarkable adventure."
She asked again, "Are you not afraid of the risks?"
I smiled and simply answered her "Staying in our own comfort zones? It'll make me safer I guess but I would rather take the risk than completely lose the chance of doing the once in a lifetime experience."
It's the experience that's paying the price; to see the world is just a bonus. 🎒

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Loriejanetapalla travel blog

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Traveling is really happiness

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