Dublin Traffic: What You Have to Learn

Dublin Traffic: What You Have to Learn

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Ireland is an emerald island with a lot of medieval castles, a sea-rest ''in the north'' and a magnificent cuisine with the famous ''stew''. To have only pleasant memories of the time spent on the journey, you should learn as much as possible about the traffic in this wonderful country. The main thing to remember about is the left-hand traffic. Adapt to it, it will not be difficult. A full adaptation will take no more than a week.


Parking in many cases is paid. Payment for parking can be carried out in 2 ways:
1. Cash. In the vending machines located on the street. The received receipt must be placed in your car.
2. Online. You can use the ParkByText service.

If you have a card (''European parking card'' or ''Parking badge for the disabled person'') or a parking permit for an invalid, then you can use it in any car. Parking permits that were issued to a disabled in New Zealand or Australia are also valid. For more detailed information, you should contact the Association of Drivers with Disabilities.

Toll roads

In Ireland, the total length of roads is 92,5 thousand kilometers, of which more than 87 thousand kilometers of roads have a hard surface. The length of the motorways is over 1,000 kilometers. For travel on bridges, tunnels and some sections of roads, a fee is charged. Do not forget that in accordance with these rules, drivers should be treated with particular attention. Not on all toll roads, you can pay in cash your travel. Local, regularly using paid lines, drivers, are registered in a special system of automatic payments. Therefore, the amount is debited from the specified account in the system at each crossing of the checkpoints automatically. Do not try to drive on a toll road by the "steal-a-ride" style. This is considered a serious violation. You will be forced to pay a fine up to 1,270 euros. Also, a toll road, the length of which is 30 kilometers, is part of the M1 Gormanston–Monasterboice motorway.

Main penalties

A foreign driver must carry a technical passport of the car, an international driving license, and a green card. In Ireland, there are such speed limits: on the territory of the village – 50 km/h, outside it – 80 km/hour, on the roads – 100 km per hour and on the motorways – 120 kilometers per hour. In bad weather (poor visibility due to the time of day, fog, etc.), all drivers are required to drive with the dipped-beam headlights on.

All passangers of the car (including the driver himself) should use seat belts. For the seat belt not fastened, you will have to pay a fine of 60 euros. The driver is responsible for under-age passengers. Therefore, it is up to you to control the use of seat belts. If you travel with children who are under the 12 years of age and whose growth is less than 150 centimeters, they should only go if there are special restraint systems appropriate for the weight and height of the child or in a special child seat. It can be installed in the front seat, but in this case, the airbag must be switched off.

If you allow the opportunity, during the trip, to call and chat with your friend/native, you will need to pay 60 euros, because of the usage of phone while driving, very strict control is exercised. You can use a gadget, but only if it has a ''free-hands'' system. If your conversation causes an emergency, then you can immediately think about where to find a good lawyer, because, you will inevitably face a trial and pay a fine of 2,000 euros.

At the gas stations, drivers can buy diesel fuel and unleaded (95%) gasoline, the cost of which is about 1,2 euros. Only near the high-speed roads, as well as in the large cities, you will be able to meet around-the-clock refuelling. It is best to take care of buying fuel in advance if you are planning a trip to remote areas.

Car Rental

To save money, you should rent a car for a couple of weeks or even a few months before the trip. The cost of car rental in Dublin airport starts from 3 euros per day. It is very important to take the car competently. When you receive the documents for the car and the invoice, be sure to compare all the data with your voucher.

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clarkleblanc August 5th, 2022

Quite a few problems here. That doesn't seem easy when it comes to driving a car. Penalties force vehicle drivers to comply. "Participate correctly" If you don't comply, penalties will come to you. It made me quite nervous and needed to be more fully prepared before I wanted to come here lolbeans.

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