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2 years after traveling to the North where we encountered the magnificent, magical land of Sagada, I packed my things once again for another adventure to the South! Me and my beau decided to visit his  hometown, Pangasinan.

Welcome to Pangasinan! A province located at the Western part of the Luzon Island, Philippines alongside Lingayen Gulf and the South China Sea with 44 municipalities and 4 main cities. How big is that?!

If you want to have a simple and cheap yet unforgettable, one of a kind, tropical escape without traveling too far from the North, then this is the perfect place! Pangasinan is famous for its beautiful beaches and delicious delicacies. The people are very kind and hospitable too! One of their most popular beach is the Hundred Islands, located at Alaminos, Pangasinan. Tourists, and even the locals love to visit this piece of paradise for its tiny islands which can be enjoyed through island hopping via motor boats. Each island has its own name too like Monkey Island, Claive Island, and Snake Island. The water is so blue, always ready to welcome families who love swimming. Another beautiful beach is the Lingayen Gulf, a wide range of the Pacific Sea, where you can enjoy picnic and bonfires. They offer the most delicate seafood such as the "bangus" and others. If you travel farther to the West, you'll also encounter the beautiful white sands of Bolinao. Pure, white,  and smooth sand is always a perfect idea for building your sand castles while enjoying the tropical breeze of Bolinao. If there's one common thing all these beaches offer that anyone can enjoy, it's the magnificent Sunrise and Sunset.

If you're more of a religious person, you can always visit the Sacred City of Manaoag. There, you'll encounter one of the oldest churches built almost a hundred years old. You can also enjoy its beautiful and peaceful gardens, each step with the story of Jesus Christ's life journey through colorful statues. You can also get some candles and let it float on water while praying. Lastly, the streets of Manaoag have a lot of stalls where you could buy some Religious stuff like rosaries and Saints. They also have this sweet delicacy called "tupig", steamed sweet coconut wrapped in banana leaf.

The humble province of Pangasinan is best to visit during summer and the Lenten Season, from March to April. So, any plans this coming summer? Let's go! 

- Kristine Wanawan, Travel Geek

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KristineW travel blog images

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travel blog

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