Russian State Exam 2022: What will happen at the exam

Russian State Exam 2022: What will happen at the exam

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Russian State Exam 2022: What will happen at the exam

The Russian State Exam, along with mathematics, is a compulsory exam for all high school graduates. Many ninth graders are intimidated by this exam, because for most, searching essay writer will be their first. Let's take a look at what exactly awaits us in the Russian language CMMs, and find out why we should not be afraid of them!

Unlike the USE CMMs, which have undergone significant changes this year, the Russian exam paper remains unchanged from the 2021 version.

The Russian test form still consists of three main parts and includes 9 tasks of different difficulty levels, with a total time limit of 3 hours 55 minutes. Maximum score for the completed work is 33 basic points.

Part 1
The first part consists of only one task, which represents well, and a compressed summary of the text you listened to - the graduates will hear it in the classroom, the recording will be played twice. The essence of the task is to capture and convey the meaning of the text and identify the main micro-themes.

Part 2
Part II will consist of test questions 2-8, each of which will be answered with a word (or several words) or a sequence of numbers. The short-answer questions will test your ability to analyze words, sentences and texts.

Part 3
The third part of the examination paper is an essay on one of the suggested topics. Here the graduates are given a choice: the task is divided into three sub-items with different formulations - the pupil may perform a written work based on the proposed statement, a fragment of text or his own thoughts on a philosophical topic.

The volume of the essay, as well as the essay, must be at least 70 words. It is important to pay attention to this criterion, as work of lesser length will not be evaluated by the experts.   RELATED RESOURCES:
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