Thai visa extension in Satun

Thai visa extension in Satun

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Hello there!

So on Friday Liam and I had to extend our visas in order to stay another 30 days. We have a tourist visa at the moment as we didn’t realise that we were able to apply for a spouse/family visa with Toby’s work visa. As a non B visa you are allowed to have over your wife and children with you during the course of your stay. Of course this did cross my mind but as I figured we were not gonna do anything but sun sea sand it didnt matter what visa we had cause we would get the same amount of time on both visa and I also thought I might wanna leave for a bit after 2 months to go back to Malaysia to visit the fams. But turns out doing the Non O visa (spouse/family) would’ve been the wiser choice but anyways this turned out better as now I am able to share with your how you can extend your visa from the Satun immigration office an option if you are on this side of the country.

Our day began in the morning from Lipe when we took the first speedboat out at 9:30am. It usually takes 1hr 30mins from here to Pakbara pier but we actually arrived at 10:30. It was a little bumpy in the beginning and funnily enough while some of the ladies where screaming everytime we hit a wave Liam fell asleep on me. Once there we look for the taxi company the we had booked in advance on the island together with the boat ticket. This is a private taxi that picks you up and takes you all the way to immigration and waits or picks you up when you are done to take you back to the pier again. The drive from the pier to Satun takes about 1hr. Although our guy kind of took his time driving us there so we got there at 12:05pm and the immigration office had closed for an hour lunch break. Let them know if you do wanna try and get there before 12pm cause you might be able to just collect the visa right after lunch and get back to the pier faster. (Lunch break is from 12-1pm) During this time we walked over to the closest supermarket and stock up on diapers and formula for the little man. (Yes these necessities are a little bit expensive on the island and it was starting to get abit hard to find diapers in his size. Not sure why but I can seem to only find newborns to XXL but nothing in between.) After getting supplies we then walked back to the coffee shop next to the office and had lunch. It was a nice little place with pretty good and cheap food. (Cost us about 400THB for 2 and half dishes, 2 drinks and a latte.) By 1pm we had managed to just finish lunch and Toby got a nice presented latte. (He actually wanted it to go but think there was lost in translation somewhere and he didnt have the heart to tell the girl as she was making the kitty shape art 😸) so at about 10 past i ran over to see if i can get the process started as i walked in, there was barely anyone there and to my surprise there was literally 1 person in front of me in the queue. I got to go straight to the counter and start the process. The girls behind the desk were very friendly and helpful. I got the forms and filled them out there on the counter. Toby and Liam came over not long after. We only had to wait about 20mins after filling out the forms then they took a photo of us we paid the fees and left with 30 extra days. The whole process took about 45mins.

We then jumped back in the car and made our way back to Pakbara. This time he drove a little faster as we needed to catch the last speedboat at 3:30pm😆. As we got there we bought our ticket from one of the travel shops. Now the tricky thing is if you are just travelling and coming back in to Lipe you would have to pay the 200THB fee again.

The trip back was less bumpy and this did not rock Liam enough to sleep but he did good anyhow. We arrived at about 5pm, came home to freshen up and went for early dinner at La Luna and Liam was in bed by 8:30pm. And for the first time in months Toby and I actually got to watch a movie. I would not say it was the greatest of trips but for a visa extension it was not bad and of course getting off the island even just for the day help us appreciate the island more. It was just like a holiday away from the island. Sometimes you need it.

Heres a list of what you need to bring for the visa extension
• 1 passport size photograph (let your driver know if you need to get thks done before hand so they can stop at the shop for you)
• Passport
• A photocopy of your passport (front page, departure card in passport and visa)
• 1,900THB extension fee

The cost of the trip
• Speedboat ticket 1200THB (return)
• Private taxi 1000THB
• Lipe entry fee 200THB

You can purchase the return ticket in Pakbara to suit the actual time you are ready to leave rather than stressing for time if you are running late or having to wait around if you finish early. Last boat leaves 3:30pm
So be sure to get there by 3pm and you’re good to go. I havent heard of anyone being stranded cause they couldnt get on the boat but be sure to ask when you arrive in the morning if there could be a chance that it is going to be full on the return. Remember to book your taxi when you get your speedboat ticket from Lipe. You pay when you book. This can be done at any travel shop on the island. Hope the tip helps and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. I will answer as best I can or find out what I can to help you.

P.s you must check first that it is not a public holiday where the office could be closed. They are of course closed on the weekends. 

Till next time .....

Have a sunny day! ☀️

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