Must be Watch 2 Largest Hill Forts on Udaipur Tour

Must be Watch 2 Largest Hill Forts on Udaipur Tour

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The land of the kings is also famous for the magnificent hill forts that you simply cannot afford to miss out when you take up any of the Udaipur Tour packages. The Hill Forts of Udaipur stand witness to the rulers of various clans who have contributed to the policies and layout and the structure of the state.

The gigantic Hill forts in Udaipur not only portray the rich cultural heritage of Udaipur, but are also great masterpieces of architecture and style.

Three large hill forts in Udaipur that have earned international recognition are:

Chittorgarh Fort:

The fort boasts to be the largest fort in the country. Constructed in the 7th century AD by the Mauryans, and its name was also kept after the Maurya ruler Chitrangada Mori. The fort lies 112 kilometers away from Ajmer and is easily accessible to the tourists and other visitors. This fort stands at 180 meters high on the hill and spreads in the area of 691.9 acres. There are many historical events associated with this fort. Today this monument remains a tourist attraction. The fort is located near the Gambheri River in Chittorgarh. The seven pols or the gates guard the fort for a secured living of the royals. The exemplary architecture of the Maurya period is truly reflected in the structure of the fort. Chittorgarh Fort is The Johar Palace of Rajput Queen Padmavti. This fort is also known for patriotism, courage and medieval heroism.

This Fort has been robbed three times after 15 to 16 centuries. Second times This Fort has been robbed three times after 15 to 16 centuries. For the first time, Allauddin Khilji had defeated Rana Ratan Singh in 1303, second time Sultan Bahadur Shah defeated Bikramjit Singh in 1535 and third Times, Akbar defeated Maharana Udai Singh II in 1567.

Kumbhalgarh Fort:

The Kumbhalgarh Fort is also known as” The Great Wall Of China”. It was made by Rana Kumbh in the 15th century; Kumhlagadh is also the birthplace of great ruler Maharana Pratap. It is the second most important and large fort of Rajasthan after Jaigharh Fort. Located at a distance of 64 kms from Udaipur in Rajasmand district, Kumbhalgarh Fort is easily accessible from the city of Udaipur. This fort was built by Maharana Kumbha. This fort is situated at an altitude of about 1100 meters above sea level. There are more than 360 temples inside this fort, 300 out of which are Jain temples and remaining Hindu temples.

Rajasthan Tourism Department every year in the memory of Maharana Kumbh, in the memory of three days, a huge festival is organized in Kumbhalgarh. In this three-day festival, the fort is decorated with light. During this time, the performances of dance art, music art is also done by the local people.

We provide you with the best Rajasthan Tourism Packages to help you enjoy your trip to Udaipur and have a comfortable journey while watching the magnificent forts in the state.

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