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Bad days. We all have them. But, what exactly makes them bad? Is it what happened or how you felt about what happened? The point is that I wanna share with you how I overcome a bad day. Like today.

It all started when I broke my phone. Teenagers. Worst. Nightmare. I have no idea what’s wrong with it but it’s broken. Very broken. At first I brushed it off like whatever, right? And returned to my rehearsal. Because it’s just a phone, right? I can live without it. But the more I over thought it, the more I panicked. How am I gonna contact people? How will I take photos and document my life on social media? I was angry. At what? I wasn’t sure. At myself? I’m pretty sure I was the one that slammed it on a table by mistake but, no. I wasn’t angry at myself. I was angry at the world. Why did my phone break? How dare this happen! But, I broke my own phone...

I started taking my anger out on things. People. People I love. Directing my self rage at innocent people who probably didn’t even know my phone was broken. Why? Because I felt undeserving of this tragedy.

Quick pause: I know your wondering ‘Why is she going so deep into her sorrow for her broken phone?’ I’m really sad about it okay? It has a moral I promise.


However, as upset as I was - I had to stop and think. And then, I realized.

Negative emotions accomplish nothing.

And it’s true. Think about it. What does anger ever solve? Nothing. Nada. Yes I’ve had a bad day. I’m tired. I’m stressed. I’m angry. But here I am writing this blog. This blog that I’m hoping is my first step in a great future. There’s no use being mad or holding a grudge. Because in reality, it gets you no where but more negativity.

Ah yes, negativity. I feel like I’ve been overly negative this week, like it’s been overpowering and I’ve not been able to stop it. I know I seem like I go on about conquering negativity but I have those times where it feels like that’s all there is around you. Negativity. Like a big hole that no matter how hard you try to get out of it, you clamber deeper.

But, what does that have to do with travel? I mean, I write on a blog site called Track That Travel. Well, truth be told, some times on a bad day I think, imagine if I could just get up and go somewhere exciting for a couple of weeks. Be spontaneous. Escape the negativity. Escale reality. And that’s what I challenge everyone reading this to do today. Not to get up and randomly fly to Australia for a fortnight but to something spontaneously kind. Because in this world, as travelers we do out bit to kill the animosity and spread our love. Our rejoice as one rather than cultural division and fighting. A random act of kindness can make someone’s day.

Today, I was inspired by negative emotions to create a positive message. Now, it’s your turn.

Thank you for reading,
Holly Alyssa :) 
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Ps, i wrote this by only being able to see about a fifth of my phone screen so if anyone knows how to fix a flickering, overlapped iPhone 6 screen please comment... haha. Also leave travel tips below and constructive criticism and feedback. Thank you very much for reading. Until next Tuesday!

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