How Delhi escorts use fantasy to have fantastic sex

How Delhi escorts use fantasy to have fantastic sex

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How Delhi escorts use fantasy to have fantastic sex with their clients

Delhi escorts are known for their ability to provide the most wonderful company to their men. 

Have you ever wondered why men make a beeline to spend some time in the company of these beautiful ladies? Well, I am going to reveal this secret out of my own experience. 

I am Rima, a very popular Delhi escort with a long experience in satisfying my customers. I have sex with so many men so frequently that it seems weird at times to have any enjoyment out of sex. I make use of my fantasy to keep alive my interest and also to have mind-blowing sex with my customers. 

Watching porn movies with my clients as a Delhi escort

Porn is regarded as a prerogative for men and women watching porn movies is considered a taboo in our society. But as a popular escort, I have found that watching porn movies with my clients arouses me and allows me to have better and more exciting sex with them.

Watching a male actor groping the breasts of the female actor and then encouraging my client to do the same makes me feel kinky and very excited. 

Similarly, getting my pussy licked just like the actor does in the movie sends tremendous pleasure waves to my body and mind and I feel ready to engage in thrilling sex with my client. 

Role-playing and bondage to make sex stimulating 

Sex can easily become monotonous if you have to repeat the same act after every few hours. This is where the role of bondage and role-playing comes into the picture. 

Being a highly experienced Delhi escort, I know that men dream of indulging in novel positions to increase their pleasure quotient. They also love to indulge in role-playing to make sex intense and satisfying. I love to tie the hands of my clients as I rickle their body parts to send amazing pleasure waves to their bodies. I also love to play different roles of teacher, nurse, and doctor to make sex interesting for my men. If you are a patient and a female doctor examines your private parts, it can be very stimulating for you. 

I ask men to play the role of a teacher and I become their student so that they can give me punishment for not doing homework. These simple tactics allow me to have mind-blowing sex with my customers. 

Allowing clients to have public sex as a Delhi escort

It is my fantasy to indulge in sex with my clients in public places as it makes the act so much exciting and fresh. 

Of course, public sex can be a risky proposition and does not work out always. However, the mere thought of having sex with my client in a restroom, a movie theater, or even on road in a moving car sends dizzying pleasure waves to my mind. 

I allow my men to grope and play with my private parts whenever we are alone in a public place. 

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