Stress is Key

Stress is Key

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Stress. The word everyone hates. With traveling comes stress, right? But - why does it have to be that way? Why can’t traveling come without stress and just be fun and adventurous?

Perhaps it’s because too many things can go wrong. Think about it. All of the things that could happen, it automatically makes you stress. But, what if I said that you could turn stress into something more. Something positive. And that’s where we start today. 

You’re at the airport, flight delayed, bunch of screaming kids around you, luggage was too heavy - stressed out. But, if you just take a minute and b r e a t h e, you can observe the bigger picture. Always see the bright side. You’re here, about to embark on a journey that may change your entire life. You made it. You’re about to see the world in a new way that you’ve probably never seen before. Everything happens for a reason. Por algo pasan las cosas. However you put it. So maybe, today, your flight was supposed to be delayed. Because now, you have an opportunity. An opportunity to prepare yourself for what will come and for how it’s going to alter your perspective on life for the better. Stress may seem like your worst enemy. But, in reality, it can actually be your biggest motivator. In any aspect of life, use the bad - to create good. 

Thank you,
Holly Alyssa :)
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Short blog today! I’m really busy with FAME rehearsals and generally being STRESSED! But I’m done with stress, I’m replacing it for excitement for all of the success, happiness and love I’ll gain from this performance! Thanks for reading!

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WorldByHol travel blog images

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