5 Ways travel has changed my life.

5 Ways travel has changed my life.

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5 ways travel has changed my life.

* I started appreciating the small things.
- I had the opportunity to appreciate things that I hadn't cared for much better. That beautiful sunrise at Panimahawa ridge, Bukidnon and that magnificent sunrise at Paliton beach Siquijor. I learned to enjoy the little things that make life so wonderful.

*I'm actually stronger I thought I was.
-Hiking at Mt. Capistrano Bukidnon, Trekking in Panimahawa Ridge Bukidnon and Kwagsik Falls Marilog, Jumping in 20Feet dive in Salagdongon Beach, Siquijor. I conquered my fears slowly one by one and realized that i could handle a lot more than i thought I could.

*I fell in love with life again.
- When I Booked that plane ticket started researching for my new itinerary. I always asking for a change in my life and that's exactly what i got. A new city, new foods, new people, new adventures. I fell inlove with learning about and expeiecing life's wonder.

* I started to become grateful of what I had.
-for 25 years of existence i was complaining about what i didn't have. But with traveling i find my own happiness that can make me realize that i have a very wonderful life.

* i was given a newfound purpose for my life.


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