5 Must-Visit Gardens in Manila, Philippines

5 Must-Visit Gardens in Manila, Philippines

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“Gardening simply does not allow one to be mentally old, because too many hopes and dreams are yet to be realized” –Allan Armitage

In a concrete jungle with a relentless pursuit to erect and build more buildings and the like, it seems rather impossible to find a sprawling garden—such as in this case of Metro Manila. While there is no doubt that progress is a good thing—necessary even. However, a city’s thirst and appetite for urban progression should never overlook the necessity for open and green spaces. Indeed, while gardens in Manila are rather hard to come by, there are quite a few open and green spaces left. Although verdant, sprawling and lush greeneries might be something you would be more likely to come across in the provinces, Manila has its fair share of gardens with inimitable topiaries and plant life.

Some of these places make excellent wedding venues as well like Blue Garden for example. So, if you are looking for a bit of a break from the perpetually busy city life, bask yourself in the refreshing sight and atmosphere of a garden. In any case, here is what’s left of the green spots in the Philippines’ largest metropolis.

1.) Chinese and Japanese Gardens

For the paltry entrance fee of ten pesos, you are granted entry to one of the remaining beautiful gardens of Metro Manila. Although hardly a secret place (considering the garden is located in Luneta Park), the Chinese and Japanese gardens are rather uncommon sights that most locals are not even privy to. Maybe there were quite a few people who might have peppered their social media feeds with this garden which aroused the curiosity of others, but to most, it remains as a well-kept secret. Apart from the various fauna you can see from the background, you can also get to enjoy the interest architecture.

2.) Kasalikasan Garden

Kasalikasan is wordplay on the words “Kasali Sa Kalikasan” and is a welcome and wonderful reprieve for individuals seeking a breather from the daily hustles. It is located within BGC which is a welcome relief to the working individuals there individuals who are in dire need of a respite. Couples who are looking for a magical milieu should consider this place as their wedding venue while people who just want a fresh breath of air can take a walk in this area.

3.) Arroceros Forest park

It might seem impossible to find a forest nestled within a bustling metropolitan, but it actually exists. Aroceros Forest Park is located in A.Villegas Avenue and has some of the widest selection of bird and plant species. Furthermore, the origins of the forest are worth writing home to as it used to be a place for rice dealers (thus its moniker) back in the 16th century. However, the government then soon bought it out and turned it into a sanctuary that welcomes tired and weary individuals looking for a place to relax.

4.) Track 30th 

Although Track 30th is not exactly a garden per se, its open and green spaces would still make it a welcome addition to this list. Fitness buffs and jogging enthusiasts will love its paved jogging path complemented with the wide open space it has. The sight is not only refreshing amidst the busy metropolis, but it also encourages you to go for s print just before work. If weather conditions permit, go for a run before work or if you wish, after you finish up. The track is open as early as six in the morning and closes 10 in the evening which gives you plenty of time to exercise.

5.) Paco Park

Although Paco Park traces its roots back to being a burial ground back in 1800, it has come a long way since and there is absolutely no need to let that little tidbit terrify you. Today, Paco park has been restored as a park and is widely used as a wedding or concert venue. If you are active on social media, fill your feeds with various picturesque spots within.

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