Famous Dive Sites in the Maldives – 5 Rocks and Manta Point

Famous Dive Sites in the Maldives – 5 Rocks and Manta Point

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The Maldives is a divers and photographers dream. With the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and amazing coral reefs with an abundance of marine life, who wouldn’t want to snorkel, dive and take footage to share.

Whether you are a new or experienced diver, or even if you have never dived before – there is something for everyone at Boutique Beach Dive Hotel on Dhigurah Island. Our all inclusive packages means you can relax and enjoy daily snorkelling and diving trips as well as plenty of relaxation time to enjoy swimming in the beautiful Indian Ocean. Our rooms are fully equipped with a camera station where you can upload and view all the imagery from your tours. In the evening time, join us on the roof top where you can relax overlooking the island and enjoy mouth watering foods freshly prepared my our amazing Sri Lankan chefs.

The BB Dive team will come and meet you in the evening time to discuss the next days trips and to make sure you are getting the most out of your trip to our island.

In our last blog we talked about the famous Kuda Rah Thila and 7th Heaven, in this blog we want to share some information about Five Rocks and Manta Point.

Five Rocks Dive Site Maldives

Five Rocks Thila is located just northeast of Digurah Thila. It might be one of the smallest Thilas in the area but it certainly is one of the most beautiful. It is broken into five pieces with deep corals rocks and small canons to dive through which gives an extraordinary experience for divers. The reef is covered with hard and soft corals, sea fans, sponges and a vast amount of marine life to explore. You may be lucky enough to encounter some bigger fish in this Thilas including barracudas, white tip reef sharks, sting ray and tunas. The depth of this dive is between 14-30 metres so be careful that there are no decompression issues.

Manta Point Dive Site Maldives

Manta Point is a popular site to see these graceful creatures from January to May. This dive site is where the mantas come to get cleaned so is an ideal place for even beginners to view these beautiful sea creatures. The mantas come to their ‘cleaning station’ where the smaller fish will clean them. But don’t be tempted to go near to touch them as they will swim away fast. But if the Mantas are not here the day you visit there are still plenty of fascinating sea life to enjoy including moray eels, turtles and even napoleons.  The depth of this dive is up to 30 metres.  

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