How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges Printer Support

How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges Printer Support

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As smart phones, tablets, computers, printers and other electronic and internet governed devices become progressively more embedded in our lives. The dependence on the internet is increasing heavily. All of our day to day activities and work is reliable to internet. Though, with the advancement in every aspect of our working lives, all our data and documents exist in the form of softcopies. The written copies are used and required in all corporate setup and therefore a printer comes through as a necessity. Canon Wi-Fi setup is not as complicated as it may sound. You can directly connect your computer or your mobile to the printer and scan the documents or images. Canon printers are known to be as a most reliable printer brand in the market due to its high speed and quality printing. It makes printing very easy from any device to which it is connected. Installing Canon is a bit tricky. Make sure that your printer is placed near the router for better connectivity.

How to connect printer to iPhone?

The easiest way is using the Airprint feature, where you can directly connect your printer to iPhone wirelessly.

Let’s have a look at the steps:

·        First, you need to open the image or document you need to print.

·        Find the print option in app’s share icon.

·        In the pop up, scroll down to the printer icon.

·        Tap on print and then select the printer.

·        Thereafter, select print option and you cam now print anything directly from your iPhone.

·        Make sure that your printer and iPhone are connected to the same network. Otherwise the wireless connection is not possible.

If you face any issue during the setup or any other time, resetting the device is usually the best option. Let’s see how do I reset my Canon printer to factory settings. Here’s the steps.

·        There is no one button in the printer where you can press and perform the reset function. You will have to navigate to the settings to reset your Canon printer.

·        Go to the control panel of the printer.

·        You will see the reset menu displayed there.

·        Use the up and down arrow button to select the function.

·        You will see the option of soft reset. Click on that.

·        Now, hold the button till the hard reset is displayed.

·        Then, release the button.

The printer will reset and restart automatically. You do have different reset options available for the printer. You can chose the function you want to perform. If you are facing any error with your printer like, not being able to print or the prints are not proper. Resetting the printer is the best solution. It will bring the machine back to it’s default state, removing all the bugs and error in the process. You can note certain settings you want to remember and save them .

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connectmyprinter travel blog images

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