5 Ways Travelling has Changed my life

5 Ways Travelling has Changed my life

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5 Ways That Travelling Has Changed My Life

Number One...
"To travel is to be free". In the months spent planning to travel to many different destinations around the world, none of it seemed real. 
Prior to an expedition to India when I was 14 I'd barely even been on a plane, let alone travelled without my parents to India for a 3 week, non-contact to home expedition to the Himalayas. Now at age 19 I've had the privilege of travelling to India, Italy, Malta, Iceland, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Australia, France, Spain and Hong Kong. 
Like I say in planning of these trips you never quite understand what it will really be like. There's only so much research you can do and only so much other people can paint a picture for you. Until you see it for yourself. 

To travel is to be free... Standing on a beach in Bali, the wind lightly brushing my hair, the heat glazing down on me and the ocean's salt meeting my tanned coloured toes is one of the best feelings in the world. Snorkelling over the Great Barrier Reef with the person who you love so dearly holding your hand; As the colours of the great deep ocean reflect upon you, the hundreds of fish and reef sharks swarming around you. It's like you're living in a completely different world to the ones we know. That's why I say, "To travel is to be free". 

Number Two...
"I'm scared of Flying"!
I hate flying, with a passion I think it is the worst, most confined and uncomfortable experience ever. It scares me because it doesn't make sense to me! But, whenever you get on that plane you know that the next destination is only hours from unfolding. Your next adventure is almost on the tip of your tongue, ready to taste! 
- Never changes the way I feel on a plane, the tears hat roll down my face when you hit an air turbulent, but none the less I would still call myself a traveller, because I’m addicted to it.

Number Three...
"Travelling brings people back together, Home is where the Heart is".
Not all travelling is done with every single one of the people you love. Whenever I'm away from home I don't half miss it! I miss the dog, the home comforts, my family and the familiarity. Travelling can sometimes be scary, sometimes you just want that box set and your own bed for the night. It sounds like a hard-ship, but if you're away for a few months or more, home is missed. 

Whilst we're away we video everything, we photograph everything like most travellers. Then at the end of our week we produce a video, with a Go pro and post it online for everyone back home to see. It's lovely, it makes you re-connect with different people, receiving messages and comments from family / friends when they see how your weeks been and it's such a nice way to communicate, over memories which you can now days share so easily. (Also when you get home you can relive every last memory all over again).

But for me it is also that feeling when you see the people you've missed form that time you were away, waiting at the Airport, the sound of the pilot saying, "Welcome to London, (Welcome Home)". There's nothing quite like it. 

Number Four...
"I think in a completely different way".
Travelling opens your mind up to a whole new way of thinking, it's got its own special map in the brain - Saved for those moments that you've never learnt to react to before you travel.
What do I mean by this? By this I mean for those moments when the view absolutely takes your breath away. For the moments when things go wrong and you're in a foreign country, a million miles from anything you know and you have to make a decision. For the times that you travel to escape, to allow yourself to recover, to build family memories or to simple be you. To be free!

Sometimes when you travel, you don't always see things you want to see. Whilst on an expedition to India summer 2013 I was exposed to some horrific poverty, something I'd yet to experience, at age 14 it really left its mark on my skin. But it left a memory map in my brain that allows me to think differently when I'm being ungrateful. It forces me to think about our lives back home (UK) in a whole host of different ways. Despite the poverty in India, some of the families I met where the happiest people I have to this day ever met. I think that in itself serves its on purpose throughout my life. 

Number Five...
"To Travel You Don't Need to Have"
Short of the money to get on the plane in the first place and enough to fuel the things you specifically might want to do, to travel you don't need to have. You don't really need to go with much, I personally go with something to remind me of home, a few sets of clothes, passport and my camera. Oh and some money (If I have any)!!! But when you get to a beautiful country, full of such incredible experiences waiting to be unlocked, you suddenly forget about the latest IPhone or the brand new clothing line that just came out from a top end designer. You suddenly forget and that is spectacular. 

Travelling is a power in itself. Travelling has the power to completely change people’s lives. I think everybody should see how different communities live, the different foods people enjoy, the ways different people have fun, go to school and build their lives. Because the thing travelling has taught me the most of all – Is that we don’t need materials to be ourselves, we weren’t built to be invincible, we weren’t designed to follow only one path, but indeed what we were born to do was to explore.

Every human feels the need to have a purpose in life, a direction to turn, but when you’re travelling everything just disappears. IT’S MAGIC!

Nothing else in the world can stun you quite like the power of travelling.... 

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