5 ways travelling has changed my life

5 ways travelling has changed my life

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In 2004 I decided to leave my home to study abroad.... (This is not a travel the world backpacker style but how I got to travel, live in various places and where it has led me in life) anyways, I left Malaysia and moved to Australia to study for 3 months. I ended up staying for almost 7 years. It was an experience that changed my life for the better. I studied and worked there. I lived in various places and met the most amazing people. I first lived in Melbourne, then moved to Noosa for a year and back to Melbourne for a few more years. I tried out living in Perth, Dunsborough and even Sydney. All for various reasons that changed me as a person. I never thought I could be where I am today but I am certainly glad that I got here.

Living around bits of Australia taught me to be a stronger person and to let go of all the things that used to bother me but it also made me more aware on what to expect in life. I always believe that things will work out for the best even at the worst of times although I must admit that this belief sometimes escapes me but in the end I can always say that I came out stronger. At 21 when I first ventured out on my own I was naive, I had a lot to learn and it took me some time to get there and of course I am still learning. Being so far away from the comfort of my home where my family, friends and of course mum close by I truly had to work out what it was like to really be alone. I did enjoy doing it on my own as it was exciting to figure out this new found independence. I got to see a life in a completely new light. Since young I was exposed to a lot of the western culture as we did travel as a family and having family members living abroad helped me keep an open mind to different ways of living but living the day to day life is very different to experiencing it in short holiday modes. I got to truly see how other cultures do daily life and in a short time I myself was doing the same. This became the norm. I was studying, working and partying in a completely different environment to what I thought I would be doing in my 20’s. I loved it and thought I would never leave.

(Dive trip in Perhentian Island)

But i did. In 2010 I started my year with a break up, stressing to finish my diploma, trying to sort out my permanent residency for Aus and at the same time being kicked out of our house cause the owner had decided to demolish the house we were living in to build 2 townhouses. This was all happening in a space of a month. I didn't know how I processed it all but I'm sure I didn't do it well. I lost friends in the process but at the same time gained some great ones. I finally moved to an awesome 2 bedroom flat that I got to share with one of my bestfriend’s and managed to finish my course and get my diploma but the PR was still at a standstill so I decided to go home for a few months for a well needed rest. Whilst home I figured I would do my open water SCUBA course cause my dad was already a diver and I thought it would be cool to dive with him. I also went on to do my Divemater training later on. It was the best decision of my life cause it led me to eventually find my husband Tobias and changed the course of my life. He had been traveling for awhile. He was working as a dive instructor on the Perhentian Islands. We were friends and it wasn't until I returned to the island for the second time that the spark grew. We went on to traveling around a little and he even came out to Aus for abit to try out living there but after a about a year we decided to go to Sweden instead. That's when my plans changed from wanting a life in a place where I spent years building to starting a new one again across the world with a new language. I figured I had nothing to lose but only more to gain as I follow my heart and explore the other side of the world. We managed to squeeze one last season on this very island we are on now before settling awhile in the winter country, though don't get me wrong, Sweden is amazing in summer and absolutely gorgeous in winter (when it snows) and of course the seasons in between has its charms too but we are definitely warm weather sun chasing people (yes especially Tobias who is Swedish)

(Dive trip in Nusa Lembongan for our honeymoon week)

Starting over in the beginning is always a little hard but exciting nontheless. The first year I came home with a headache every night due to the new language and culture learning I had to endure but once I got the hang of the basics everything started to make more sense. I enjoyed learning everything about the Swedish language and the best part was that I discovered all the things that natural to me was somewhat unique said I got to talk about it and compare it with the new things I was learning. The English language became more interesting too. Now all I wanna do is learn a new language cause being able to get in on the conversations is the best feeling and I feel the best way to learn is to live where the people speak it. Don’t you agree? 

(First week in Bali on our honeymoon week)

Tobias and I got married in 2015, and because of our travels we felt that we had to have a destination wedding so that all our close friends could come and with our luck they were spread out all over the place. Tobias had never been and i just love it there so we decided on Bali. But with having so many people we wanted to share our special day with we actually had 3 weddings, 1 ceremony in Sweden as we had to register there anyways, 1 ceremony in Bali as planned and 1 dinner reception in Malaysia just cause I have a billion family members. (Over exaggeration of billion but i do have a lot 😆 although dad definitely has about billion friends) Anyways back to the point of Bali wedding, till today I am still so very grateful to the friends and family members that actually took the time to come out for our wedding. We had people coming from Australia, England, Hong Kong, Sweden and Malaysia. It was definitely an experience I would never forget. I would do it again if I could, even though the whole planning and execution was fun it also drove me to the brink. I was depressed for 6 months after that but it was all worth it.

(Bali wedding, 80% of the friends in our bridal party we met during our travels)

Fast forward to present time, we have now been blessed with an awesome little man and back on Lipe for the season to see if we can make it as a travelling family. It is tough but Im glad we are doing it cause I couldn’t think of a better way to start our little man’s life but with how we started our relationship. Travelling...

(At Pataya Song a couple of days ago)

5 ways travelling changed my life
* An amazing life experience
* Awesome lifelong friends from everywhere
* Met Tobias
* Leant a new language
* Liam 💙

We are in the midst of planning another adventure to a completely new destination for the European summer so watch this space....♥️

(Unfortunately all my photos are on my external harddrive and since my laptop is getting fixed I am unable to access my photos now, these are some of the ones I could find on my phone and FB. The joys of living on an island 😆😉)

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