Catching the Euro Star to Belgium: Day 1 of Belgium Without Brussels

Catching the Euro Star to Belgium: Day 1 of Belgium Without Brussels

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Today is the day I go to Belgium. I have always wanted to go to Belgium and today it's going to come true. I am getting the Eurostar with my girlfriend Aimee. We are spending a week in Leuven and might go to Bruges for a day trip but we are currently undecided.

We wake up at 6 am to get the early train. I always want to make the most of my time in a different country. I am also a firm believer in the that, 'once you're up, you're up!'. After getting to London St Pancras station we take our bags through security and our passports are checked, it is exactly like a mini airport but squished into a smaller area. Then after a short wait our train arrives. We get on and put down our bags on the bag trolley. The train is very swanky and clean. I am very impressed and then I sit down... It was so comfy and you can even recline the chairs slightly. They were so comfy in fact, I slept for a good two hours. So far I really like the Eurostar as an experience and it's definitely a good alternative to flying. 

The centre of Leuven
We arrive in Brussels! Now just a small train on to Leuven, I was a bit nervous about this bit because we have to go and buy tickets from the machine and everything. But it was only €5 and was so easy because it was all in English! The train ride was kind of uneventful but it was still better than an English train, because it wasn't delayed. I get off the train and Leuven is such a pretty quaint city. I can't wait to explore it in the next few days!

Later on after unpacking we head out for dinner. We found a lovely restaurant where I had meatballs and Aimee had pizza. It was really good food and the bill comes to €30 but Aimee decides now, of all times she is going to pay in all her leftover coins... to use them up... because you can't change them in England. I begin to shrink down in the chair as the poor waitress, who had been lovely and polite all throughout the meal, had to count out more or less €15 in coins. She did make jokes about it though which was funny and we made sure to leave her a tip haha. A Joe Travel Blogs tip here, spend all your coins at the airport before you go home, not in a nice restaurant on the first day of your holiday!

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