Five Ways How Travelling Has Changed My Life and My Perspective About It

Five Ways How Travelling Has Changed My Life and My Perspective About It

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I never thought that I would, someday, have this passion for travelling and exploring.

I always thought that travelling is just a waste of time, energy, and of course – resources. I was so close-minded about it, but that has changed when I decided to try and take myself out of the box for the first time, and it has totally changed my perspective. I’ve seen all the good things travelling can offer, and I thank God that it’s never too late for this.

When I was 25, my best friend and I wanted to try something we haven’t done before. This is where she proposed an out of town trip. And that trip has opened my eyes to the beautiful things travelling can bring me. Since then, I am always looking forward for more travel opportunities and the learning experience it will surely reveal to me.



Socializing and Making Friends.

All my life, I was never a conversation starter. Not because I feel shy but because I don’t want to talk to someone I don’t know. We all probably have been taught that we shouldn’t talk to strangers. But when you travel, you cannot escape the fact that you need to talk to people – asking for directions, translate something for us, ask about the history of a place, or even just asking for a little help.

During my first travel with my best friend, I still have this rugged attitude. I thought I was happy and contented with my small bubble, my small number of friends. But as we joined a group of people, I was forced to talk to everyone. You don’t always feel welcome and comfortable because not everyone will have the same interests as you have. As I’ve tried to have a conversation with everyone in the group, I found those people that I can connect with, and that made me more relieved. Those people whom I connected with are now my closest friends. The bubble became bigger and happier.

Accepting Differences.

Having a conversation with someone can sometimes be challenging especially when personal thoughts, beliefs, and experiences are being tackled. It challenges us on how we accept differences and how we react to it. Different places have different people, and different people means different upbringing and personalities.

I have always been this type of human with a strong personality, so I always tend to argue for the things I know that’s right. But as travelling means discovering different cultures, traditions, and beliefs, it has taught me not only how to socialize, but how to respect differences. When I opened myself to knowing more people, I’ve also learned to open my mind to different perspective and opinions. It doesn’t mean that I have to believe everything, but I learned how to respect them and their beliefs. With that developed understanding and acceptance, I’ve seen harmony regardless of the differences.

Patience and Perseverance

Heavy traffic, long walk and travel time, no internet connection nor mobile signal, super delayed flights, or anything you may find triggering (name it) – those things will always be on the itinerary. Going to different places doesn’t mean that you are escaping all the unpleasant things in your town or in your country. Sometimes, it may be worse – yes, surprise! The same problem you are experiencing may also be a problem there.

All of those I’ve mentioned above have I experienced, and I was surprised that my little patience is becoming longer. Who knows that long and challenging hiking trails will teach me to push myself until I reached the top even when it is tiring? Everyone who knows me can attest that I am a short-tempered person. I can literally stop right in the middle and just decide to go back, especially when I feel like nothing good is happening. But as I see everyone trying their best despite of the circumstances, I was inspired to do the same and just go for it. When you reach the destination, it’s fulfilling. So fulfilling that you can boast to anyone that you’ve made it through.


Facing and Overcoming Fears.

I feared large bodies of water. I feared the sun. I feared the dark. I feared new places. There are many more things I was afraid of, but what makes me really fear them?

I did not fear the ocean – I feared drowning. I did not fear the sun – I feared having my skin burned (most girls do, I guess?). I did not fear the dark – I fear not having a clear view of what’s ahead. I did not fear new places – I feared of getting lost.

The first travel I had – those fears were still with me. But when I set foot on this beautiful island, my fears started to fade slowly. I mean, it’s not an overnight process; but as I continue the journey, fears started to become an opportunity to make me stronger. I discovered the real reason why I feared them. When you get to know the cause of it, you’ll know how to deal with it.



Learning to Appreciate Life. 

I have never been this optimistic about life when I was younger, even when I knew God has blessed me with so much things in life. Travelling has given me the view of reality, and that made me realized how precious life is. Every single day, I have this thankful attitude that I’m breathing, I’m blessed, and I am able to explore the beauty of God’s creations and sharing the blessing I have even in the smallest way. I learned how to enjoy and stay on the track even at the toughest times.

Now I always have something to look forward to – and that is learning by travelling.

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