5 Ways Travel Has Changed My Life

5 Ways Travel Has Changed My Life

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5 ways travel has changed my life. 

1.Pain and Love, I have experienced pain in every possible way, rejections, unreciprocated love and most of all a loss of a love one, when my mom passed away i've looked for a way to lessen or to be disconnected with the pain I'am feeling but realized that it will always be there and as time passes by, you will learn how to turn it into motivation to move forward. This situations inspired me to go to places i have yet to discover, travelling made me more confident to stand on my own and peacefully deal with all the challenges in life.

2. Purpose, I've been to many places and emersed to different culture, from there I found my purpose in travelling, it is not only about seeing lovely views and meeting different kind of people,it is also more of experiencing the life God gave us and gladly celebrate it.
3. Dream, It finally colored my dreams that were once vanished by emptiness and loss. Life that was cursed at my lowest point turns to create a silver lining that i have yet to unfold. 

4. Learn, I've learned how to value myself more and the people around me. I learned to figure out how Love is supposed to be again that is not limited to having a significant other but also Love for Family, Friends, Career and all the things that makes my heart and soul happy. I now have the courage to face every fear that may go my way. 

5. Last but not the least Passion, It will leave you speechless and fulfilled.You will definitely conquer everything with a smile and a heart that is now filled with Acceptance and Love. You can now utter words with a secured heart and mind, "I travel not because I'm lost but because I love to do it." 


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elle February 22nd, 2018

Hi @melots12 ! Thanks! I subscribed back and nice blogs too! :) <3
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melots12 February 22nd, 2018

Hello fellow traveler 😊 nice blog! 😍 hope you could subscribe back 😘 to more travels! 👣

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