My tinder love story

My tinder love story

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I met my boyfriend in tinder. He was the who message me first. We just had a normal conversation like hey how are you, where you from and end of conversation. I followed him on instagram and he followed back. Out of nowhere, me and my bestfriend decided to record a story in instagram and he saw it and he beep me in tinder. I was so busy that time so i told him that i am not active in social media coz i have work at night and i sleep all day. So we decided to text since he was in boracay that time and i was in Cebu.

I'm not expecting anything from him even if we communicate almost 24hrs that even if i only have 15mns break at work i can still managed to text him (Bahala na ug d ko kapanudlay during break time haha) so he told me he wants to see me in Cebu.

The first time i saw him i feel so awkward and i always ask my bestfriend to talk to him. 2 days after we met he went to dumaguete and he said he will stay there for 1 to 2 weeks. But i was surprised that after 3 or 4 days he texted me that he will go back to Cebu already. Everything happens so fast. I was with him for 3 weeks. We were happy, we annoy each other.

January 25, thats the day that he will go back to sweden, I was crying, i have doubts because we dont have label. Were more than friends but less than a lover. After 3 days, we decided to be in a relationship. He was in Sweden that time and Im in cebu.

Until now, were still together and saving because he will go back here in Philippines this coming November. I feel sad everyday because i cant see him and touch him, but everyday is one day closer to November. I am so happy that God gave me the best boyfriend in the world. I dont know what the future hold, but one thing that I am sure is that our love is real and i hope he will be my forever. I can't wait to see him and travel to some places with him. 💘

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youroneandonlymarshie travel blog images

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youroneandonlymarshie March 23rd, 2018

@melots12 Thanks gwaps. Mana na 😊
travel blog

melots12 February 26th, 2018

Happy for you gwaps 😘 subscribe back hehe

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