How We are Protecting the Environment at Boutique Beach Maldives

How We are Protecting the Environment at Boutique Beach Maldives

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Our motto at Boutique Beach All Inclusive Dive Hotel is ‘Dive Now, Work Later’. However we may be out in the crystal clear waters every day but we still work very hard on environmental issues and supporting eco tourism in the Maldives.

Many people say ‘well I am only one person so how can I make a difference’ but our philosophy is that we are doing our part for the environment and also educating people along the way in the hope they will pass on what they learned. Together we can make a difference.

Beach Clean Up on Dhigurah Island

We love our island which is part of the Alif Dhaal Atoll. Dhigurah means ‘long island’ on Divehi as it is one of the longest island in the Maldives at 2.5km. Two thirds of the island is uninhabited and with about 500 locals living here we work hard together to keep the island clean. A regular beach cleanup is organised, where local people and guests (if they wish) join together to clean what is washed up from the ocean. Not only is it important for us to keep the island clean but also to try and reduce the amount of rubbish going back into the ocean as it is affecting the beautiful ocean life we love to see each day when we are diving and snorkelling.  

Reducing Amount of Water Bottles

Straws and plastic bottle tops are two of the most washed up items on the beaches. There is a global campaign running at the moment looking at ways for countries to reduce the amount of plastic they use. We have tried to make a difference by using glass water bottles in the dive hotel, offering the portable ‘green bottle’ that people can refill from the water coolers we have in the hotel and we use glass straws in our welcome coconut drinks. Plus we love the fact they look great too!!

Our Room Amenities

Who doesn't love the delightful smell of Molton Brown products? If you haven't experienced them before you are in for a treat when you stay with us. We wanted to make sure we were not using plastic unnecessarily so we offer our bathroom amenities in reusable jars.


As part of our daily diving and snorkeling trips we love to educate our visitors about how they can help make the environment better. We ask that when out snorkeling or swimming people do not stand on the coral reef if they need a rest or want to look at something. It is essential that the ocean life is left un-touched in its natural habitat and it is forbidden for anyone to touch or share the beautiful ocean life that we see. As much as it is very tempting to grab a sea turtle or to touch the beautiful whale sharks and manta rays you must respect it is their ocean and we are merely their guests.


Protecting the ocean life and what falls into the ocean it everyone responsibility. We must leave behind the attitude that I am only one person and cannot make a difference on my own. If we all do a little bit and educate the next generation that this is the way of life you will be surprised at the impact it will have over time. A little bit day by day – one step at a time and we can make a difference.

If you would like to know more about our diving programs and learn more about how you can protect our ocean life feel free to drop us an email we would love to hear from you.

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