Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

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Blessings. Those things that make life worth while. Whether they be big or small. But... sometimes we don’t appreciate them like we should. So I, a 15 year Travel-nerd Spanish speaking cheerleading blogger, am going to speak about counting your blessings.

The last two weeks have brought very good things to my family and I and I’m grateful beyond explanation however, when these things happened, I stepped out of my dreaming/fantasy world for a minute and realized: ‘Woah, this is amazing and I am so fortunate to have this’ and I may not have realized it before and just gone along with it. But, a blessing can be something as simple as finding a lost item that may have sentimental value or something as big as a birth or marriage. The point is that they’re all significant to many factors of life like happiness and love. We can link blessings to travel. Traveling is like temporarily possessing a different soul and becoming part of a new society and taking a small part of it back home with you. Being able to have the privilege to do so to me is a blessing in itself.

Dreams and blessing often link. As I’ve said before, the road to reaching your dreams is far from easy but you’ve got to never lose sight of what matters. The small, the big, the good, the bad and the stressful. Just take a moment to sit and think, thanks to that blessing - I’m here right now. And always remember, to count your blessings.

Thanks for reading,
Holly Alyssa :)

PS: I’m still planning my big project so thank you so much for reading! Still overwhelmed over here still very overwhelmed at the support!!!! You won’t see developments yet but for when progress is further along on my project you will be able to see me post on Instagram so make sure you follow me @worldbyhol.

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WorldByHol travel blog images

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