My Top Travel Hack

My Top Travel Hack

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This travel hack is more about the experience than anything. And it’s simple really – travel in the off season.

What does this really mean though and which peak season is best? Well, for the north it may be a little different, but for us southerners here in Australia travelling in the off season means to travel to another country in their spring or in their late autumn to early winter, when no one is travelling there.

Sure, travelling to Greece in summer is incredible, and enjoying a sunny autumn day in the Canadian Alps is inspiring – but what of the adventure when travelling through the Mediterranean in the spring when there are no tourists about and watching the first snow fall over the Swiss Alps when no is else is around. For me, these are the memories worth taking away from a holiday.

I have never travelled during the school holidays. Now I don’t have children, so this is an easy feat for me to achieve. But that doesn’t mean if you have children, you can’t travel during the off season.

My mother never liked travelling through the school holidays, so she always took my brother and I on holidays when school was still in session. Which, as a single mother was incredibly important when it came to travel with two kids, as flights and accommodation is often selling off at half price. So, this travel hack I’ve developed as an adult, is probably stemmed from life lessons learned from those experiences as a child.

Of course, as mentioned before, for those of you living in the north this travel hack may not be essential in your travel, as it is us for here in Australia.

Australia is a VERY long way from most countries. And flights for us Aussies are probably the most expensive part of any travel. So, travelling in the off season means you can often pick up airfares for half the price.

A lot of airlines have massive airfare sales a week or two before your desired travel date, in a desperate plight to fill the plane in the off season. I recommend you register for airfare ticket notifications, so you will get emails when the tickets you want are half price, or even cheaper.

But, if you like to plan a little bit better for your holiday – purchase your tickets at least six to seven months prior to travel. Airfare tickets are SUPER cheap then too.

Not a soul to be seen whilst wandering through the streets of Old Quebec City in late October - it was absolutely freezing, and snow was on the way. But travelling here in the off season, was well worth it to enjoy the streets all to myself.

I really enjoy travelling in the off season. It’s allowed me to explore places where no one is about – literally. I have spent quality time in Irish Castles without a soul about for miles, and walked along deserted beaches, where only the native wildlife can be seen. I’ve stayed in four to five-star accommodation for half the price, with only a handful of other tourists staying in the same hotel and enjoyed strolling through quiet city streets.


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melots12 March 3rd, 2018

Nice blog 😊 hope you could subscribe back 😌

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