Take Control of Your Dreams

Take Control of Your Dreams

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It's time to take control. Control of your dreams and what you want to do. For one, I am taking the steering wheel on what I want to do in my life and not letting others and NEGATIVITY influence what I want to achieve. And, that's where today's blog starts. How to take the control of what you want to do.

Ever hit an obstacle in what you want to do or achieve? Because me too! An obstacle or perhaps just something that pops up to try and stop you. Whatever it may be, overcoming it doesn't have to be hard - all it takes is some courage, passion and perseverence. You just have to remember that whatever you want to do, isn't stupid, silly or unrealistic like what others may tell you. You just have to remember that the biggest obstacle sometimes can be yourself and whatever is stopping you can be either worked out or turned into motivation. Being told you won't be able to strive for something must be one of the most frustrating things ever, so whatever is saying you can't or whoever - just take it, find a way around it and overcome it. 

Right now, I'm revving and ready to go. My hands on the steering wheel and seeing where I end up by working my hardest and enjoying the journey. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, with enough hard work and determination, I'll reach my destination and I'll fulfill my dreams.

My dad helped me write this, to be honest inspiration hasn't really struck me this week and I've kinda just written something from inside that has been building up inside me for a while. But, people aren't always inspired so you've just gotta find what motivates you and work from there and build yourself up.

Thanks for reading again,
Holly Alyssa :)

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Nothing new to update on the big plans, things are still underway but all of my loyal readers are helping very much and ensuring me that it's all gonna be worth it!

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