5 Underrated Backpacking Destinations for Couples

5 Underrated Backpacking Destinations for Couples

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Packing up all your necessities in a rucksack and stepping in the world of hiking and travel to explore the wilderness, oddities and beauty of the world; this idea alone can inspire you to take on backpacking. If you say, backpacking is a luxury of single, uncommitted guys, then you are wrong, my friend, in thinking so. You can enjoy all the thrill of backpacking with your partner or spouse and I bet it will be more fun this way. What you need is proper planning and a list of safe yet enjoyable backpacking destinations so that you both can enjoy without worries. Here, we have compiled such a list, read on and be inspired to go backpacking as a couple.


The abode of mighty Himalayas, Nepal is also home to eight out of the world's tallest mountains. You can spend your days trekking beautiful and challenging mountain trails. But Nepal has more to offer. Its capital city Kathmandu is known as the 'city of temples' and you will be delighted to feel the spiritual vibes here. Nepalis follow their traditions with pride and you will definitely appreciate the beauty of their culture. Nepal is super friendly to tourists and you will never face problem finding paths, communicating and such. It is quite inexpensive as well, your wife would really love shopping here. The scenic beauty is unrivalled as well.


The recent political stability in Nicaragua brought with itself a rise in tourism and tourist-friendly policies. Nicaragua is surrounded by ocean on two sides and in the middle lays a dense and adventurous jungle. The volcanoes add to the beauty of the country. You can go volcano boarding or hike up an active volcano, Mt. Telica. Surfing, swimming and scuba diving in the oceans is all the more fun as these spots are not overcrowded. The city life of Nicaragua is laid back, so you will surely love relaxing here and exploring local culture with your spouse.


If you say Spain is just another Mediterranean country with beaches and old European culture, you are horribly wrong. Spain is full of diversity which reflects in its beautiful villages, coastline, deserts, mountains and metropolitans. It amazes you with its super modern cities and laid back village life. Spain is the land of festivals which look like a portrayal of fairyland. San Vino Wine festivals, the running of the bulls, La Tomatina are the names which excite you and make Spain backpacker's favorite spot. The metropolitan of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia have great places to visit. The nightlife, drinks and local food are enough to make you fall in love with Spain.


In your quest for an exotic and lively place, you must be sure to come across this name. Cambodia is nothing like you have seen so far. The bustling tourism industry has not affected the local culture yet, which gives you a chance to glimpse the country in its natural state. Angkor Wat, the national pride of Vietnam, is majestic and looks like living fossil of history. Siem Reap, the adjacent town is vibrant and tourist-oriented. The capital city Phnom Penh is modern but relaxed. The nightlife here and free use of drugs and other sorts of recreation feels fun. But mind you, Cambodia is one of the safest tourist spots. The beaches, islands (like Koh Rong) and jungles quench your thirst for natural beauty. Cambodia is a whole different world.

The Philippines

Another backpacking destination in South-East Asia, which is culturally conservative but modern at the same time is the Philippines. Manila, the metropolitan capital city, is safe haven yet beautiful but for a taste of adventure, dive deep in the country. Mount Pulag has one of the world's best hiking trails. You get to see clouds on your way to the top as if they too live on the mountain. You also get best caving spots in the Philippines like Crystal Cave and you can see hanging coffins in Sagada. White beaches, El Nido, dive spot Coron, etc. makes you wonder if you are in paradise. The natural beauty and the local culture of the Philippines is unparalleled in the world.

Go search for these places and if you don't feel inspired to pack your bag, nothing would inspire you. These places will surely add some memorable pages to your life and strengthen your relationship with your partner. If you plan to visit with children, then plan carefully for their comfort and safety; and use a special aid like travel cribs for them. So, what are you waiting for, now?

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