My Travel Story

My Travel Story

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1. How and when did you catch the "Travel Bug" and how many countries have you been able to travel to?

I originally moved overseas from Australia when I landed a soccer scholarship in Oregon, U.S.A. I had traveled before but never for more than a short vacation. This time I was moving for multiple years. As I spent more and more time away from home I began to become comfortable with the detachment I was creating from my hometown. In addition, I also started to grow a love for adventures. Hiking mountains, swimming in waterfalls and exploring beaches became my daily activities. 

My second college in America was Oahu, Hawaii and that's where I really grew an insatiable appetite for adventure. It was here that I started my Instagram and my blog, which fuelled my adventures even further! I hiked all over the island and once I graduated I knew I wanted to explore the world.

When I finally got my degree, I packed my backpack and headed off to Southeast Asia to join the popular backpacking trails of the budget travel world. Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal. I went for it and loved every second of it. I never spent more than $12 a night on accommodation in almost two years of travel.

I've visited over 30 countries and my three favorites so far are India, Philippines, and Indonesia.

2. Does being an influencer in the travel community change how you travel?

Being an influencer does change the way you travel at times. I try and limit the amount to which it alters the true travel experience but creating content often comes at a cost. We need to see certain places at golden hour, without tourists and maybe even with clear skies. We need to travel in a way that sometimes takes away from the travel experience but it is all about finding a balance. I'm no longer just a traveler, this is my job. So with that, comes some sacrifices from the explore during the day, party during the night travel attitude.

3. What’s the main message you try to promote to your audience?

I just live my life. I don't try and promote anything other than that, living your life. What seems to resonate with my audience is my willingness to put myself out there and just go for it. Give me a challenge and I will give it a crack. I try and be a yes man, the person who rarely says no. Many of my followers and readers write to me that I inspire them to get out there and give travel or photographer or another hobby a go. It's awesome, I'm helping people push aside some doubts, which are holding them back from great things.

4. Travel is a massive adventure but is there one thing you always take away from a trip?

I always take away perspective. When you see how people live so differently all around the world, you begin to realize there are many ways to do it. While we all seem to think we do it the right way, there are pros and cons to many different cultures, lifestyles, and attitudes.

5. With your years of traveling the world what’s the biggest lesson you have taken away?

The biggest takeaway from world travel for me is that if you are smiling, happy and healthy you are one of the lucky ones and should try and share your state with as many people as you can. The world isn't a fair place and seems people have been dealt a rough hand. I also try and never judge a book by it's cover. Read the stories.

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Jackson Groves travel blog images

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alexgilbert June 4th, 2022

Hey, Jackson! I always wanted to travel to my heart's content, but unfortunately, everything else got in the way. Since I am a college student, I am stuck here with having to online write my case study while I wish I was out there travelling and exploring the world! Anyway, you're such an inspiration! Keep doing what you do!
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babyboy June 1st, 2022

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Briana1 March 2nd, 2021

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TravelBoost May 6th, 2018

Such an inspiration! I wondered though, how exactly do you fund your travel? Would be interesting to read an article on that next!
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melots12 April 27th, 2018

Thanks for choosing 🇵🇭
Hope you subscribe back 🙃
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Kaitlynestelle March 26th, 2018

You said you’re no longer just a traveler, this is your job. Do you ever miss putting the camera down and just relaxing on vacation and being a tourist rather than always working and planning/keeping up with fans and sponsors etc?
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BSmyth March 21st, 2018

Awesome story, I've gotta ask though, do you ever just want to go home and not travel for awhile? haha

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