Moving to Canada from Dubai

Moving to Canada from Dubai

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The country has enormous opportunities to offer to its residents, especially for workers and entrepreneurs.

Benefits of moving to Canada

Below are the listed 5 reasons supporting why an immigrant from Dubai should move to Canada:-

Job opportunities and security

There is a huge requirement for professionals working in high-demand industries like the medical industry, construction, and engineering industry. It is the most ideal for skilled workers wishing to apply to the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

No cost healthcare facilities

The Canadian Government gives free-cost health care facilities to citizens of the country. The government of Canada provides free-of-cost treatment for medications, dental care, eye care, etc.

High living standards 

People living and working in Canada witness high living standards. The government is lenient in granting public leave, flexible working hours, and maintaining equal balance in work and life.

Facilities to immigrants 

The Canadian Government put a lot of effort to call immigrants to come to their country. The country is positioned at rank 1 for world tolerance level for immigrants

Enormous opportunities for businessmen 

The residents of Canada have the power to legally start their businesses.

Migrating from Dubai to Canada 

The Canadian immigration system is so flexible that citizens of any country can apply for it. 

Following is the list of available immigration pathways through which any citizen of Dubai can immigrate to Canada 
Federal economic Class   

This program has various further categories like CEC, FSWP, and FSTP.   

Provincial Nominee Class   

The immigration pathway is presented by various Canadian provinces to call immigrants who wish to settle in their particular provinces.

There are mainly 10 Canadian provinces that offer provincial nomination to immigrants like Alberta, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, BC, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.   

Quebec immigration program   

The province of Quebec is the only province-based program that offers you direct Canadian permanent residency.   

Business immigration   

The Canadian government allows businessmen to own a business and migrate to Canada with a temporary work permit.   

Temporary Resident First Program   

Immigrants entering the country through this program as temporary residents can transition into permanent residents within 3 years of their stay in the country.   

Family Class Sponsorship

Immigrants from Dubai accompanied by their family members can apply for Canadian immigration through this program.

Eligibility criteria   

Following are the requirement of a citizen of Dubai migrating to Canada  
The immigrant should have a minimum score of 67 points for matching the eligibility criteria of the Express Entry program.
The candidate should possess decent skills in either English or French language.   
The candidate should have a minimum work experience of 2 or more years.   
The Canadian government demands work experience in the following work industries   
Skills Type 0- this includes managerial occupations   
Skills level A- this includes professional jobs   
Skills Level B- this includes occupations related to the technology industry and skills trades   

The candidate should have enough funds to financially support themselves throughout their stay duration.   
Proof of health and character certifications   
Proof of educational assessment   

Procedure for applying for Canadian immigration
Step1- the procedure starts by collecting and submitting the package of all the essential educational documentation to apply for Educational Credential Assessment.   
Step2- building up an Express Entry profile and submitting all the relevant information.   
Step3- if the final score reaches the minimum requirement, the candidate is given an Invitation to Apply.   
Step4- the candidate has to submit all the required documents and processing fees within 2 months.   
Step5- the immigrant can send their passports to their Embassy after receiving approval for Visa.   


The country is the perfect destination for immigrants coming from Dubai. The country has favorable laws for immigrants coming from Dubai. The Government gives you access to all the opportunities and facilities discussed above.

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