My very first Joiner experience! To Sagada

My very first Joiner experience! To Sagada

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Sharing my first joiner experience, since it's common now that many travel agencies are offering these packages where a group, couple or solo traveler are joined in a van to travel together in particular place. Well it started when my workmate asked me to try this one since I'm interested to go to Sagada. I was a bit hesitant because it was quite expensive compared to other offers for that tour, but since he knows the organizer I said sure count me in.

After shift we had to go to the meeting place, we just knew that most of the joiners on the same van are officemates and the other van are mixed group. We chose to seat on the front row, with me of course in the middle since obviously I'm the smallest. It was uncomfortable actually but I stayed there the whole trip, since i don't wanna seat at the back and it will also be the same if I squeeze myself with them at the back. Had sidetrip at Banuae Rice Terraces unfortunately it was cloudy and rainy, so we also grab our breakfast there. We reached to Sagada at noon and while they are arranging the accommodations we went to the Sagada weaving (it's not allowed to take pictures on the weaving area though).

After that we go to our cabins to refresh and put our things, also we are all starving by the way. So I ask my friend to just go out and we look for food, can't wait for others coz we're seriously hungry. To think that the restaurants there doesn't seem to be used to accommodate big groups for lunch. Me and my friend go to Lemon Pie House first and ordered our food then we took some photos while waiting. The other groups were still at the cabin, some also get their foods, and some are taking photos first. Then when they came to the restaurant as a big group they were not accepted, so they transfer and gladly someone accepts but waited a long time for the food. On the other hand, we also waited since we are all going to the cave after lunch, though we used our time to check whats around the place and take some more photos and souvenirs as well.

Thereafter, we go to Sumaguing cave for spelunking! It was creepy inside the cave but it was a great experience in there-- worth trying. Even there is this time that I slipped when I’m crossing this small part of the cave trying to avoid falling across the deep water.  Unfortunately, there are some people who vandalized and left some trash inside. I hope they got to manage these now. In the evening, we have our free time to go around and look for dinner. Well most people and stores closes early. Lucky to find Ramyun Rastabar for some ramyun since it was too cold in the night - the place is cool and cozy, some people hangout for some sessions there too.

The next morning, woke up so early for sunrise at Kiltepan peak.  Had a taste of hot champrado while waiting, but it's just too cloudy for the sun to show up. Riding a muddy and rusty jeepney heading to our next destination. Visiting the St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal church, trekking Echo valley to reach Hanging coffins.

Lastly, had our asses back whilst a short trip to Baguio City for visiting the Murals and Strawberry Farm for some pasalubong. Went to Burnham park and the town proper for some dinner before going home.

I know we missed a lot since this was a very quick trip to Sagada for 2 days. Yet it was a fun trip to experience all of these. And now we know that sometimes there will be some circumstances along the journey, that's why we have to be ready for it and know how to manage as well.

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Itsdayanderfulworld travel blog images

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